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Coriolis Coupling Effects in Proton-Pickup Spectroscopic Factors from {sup 12}B


Macchiavelli, A.; Crawford, H. L.; Clark, R. M.; Fallon, P.; Lee, I. Y.; Morse, C.; Campbell, C. M.; Cromaz, M.; Santamaria, C.; Chen, J.; Hoffman, C. R.; Kay, B.


Spectroscopic factors to low-lying negative-parity states in Be-11 extracted from the B-12(d, He-3)Be-11 proton-removal reaction are interpreted within the rotational model. Earlier predictions of the p-wave proton-removal strengths in the strong-coupling limit of the Nilsson model underestimated the spectroscopic factors to the 3/2(1)(-) and 5/2(1)(-) states and suggested that deviations in the 1(+) ground state of the odd-odd B-12 due to Coriolis coupling should be further explored. In this work we use the particle rotor model to take into account these effects and obtain a good description of the level scheme in B-11, with a moderate K mixing of the proton Nilsson levels [111/2 and [103/2. This mixing, present in the 1(+) bandhead of B-12, is key to explaining the proton-pickup data.



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