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A universal etching method for synthesizing high-performance


Ma, Xiaotu ; Vanaphuti, Panawan; Fu, Jinzhao; Hou, Jiahui; Liu, Yangtao; Zhang, Ruihan; Bong, Sungyool; Yao, Zeyi; Yang, Zhenzhen; Wang, Yan


LiNixMnyCo1-x-yO2 (NMC) is considered the most appealing cathode material due to its high energy density and low cost. However, the stability and safety concerns, caused by the degradation of polycrystalline cathode materials during cycling, have restricted their practical applications. To overcome this shortcoming, converting polycrystalline cathode to high-performance single-crystal cathode materials becomes an appealing solution. Here, a universal etching approach is firstly developed to synthesize single-crystal cathode materials. The rate performance of the obtained single-crystal NMC111 is 1015% more than that of polycrystalline NMC111 whereas the capacity retention of single-crystal NMC111 is enhanced by ~12% after 300 cycles at 0.5C. The obtained single-crystal NMC622 exhibits a pronounced improvement in rate performance, especially at high rates (~28.6% better at 5C and ~129% better at 10C) and has a comparable cycle performance compared to polycrystalline NMC622. Altogether, the findings propose an alternative approach to generate single-crystal particles with high energy density and cycle stability for the next generation lithium-ion batteries.



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