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A Semi-Analytical Solution Approach for Solving Constant-Coefficient First-Order Partial Differential Equations


Xu, Xin; Yao, Rui; Sun, Kai; Qiu, Feng


Simulation and control of many dynamic systems involve solving partial differential equations (PDE). This letter proposes a semi-analytical solution (SAS) approach for fast and high-quality solution of first-order PDEs. The region of interest of the studied PDE is divided into a grid, and an SAS is derived for each grid cell in the form of the multivariate polynomials, of which the coefficients are identified using initial value and boundary value conditions. The solutions are solved in a time-stepping manner, i.e. within one time step, the coefficients of the SAS are identified and the initial value of the next time step is evaluated. This approach achieves a significantly larger grid cell than the widely used finite difference method, and thus enhances the computational efficiency significantly. The simulation result on the natural gas pipeline model demonstrates the advantages of SAS in accuracy and computational efficiency.