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Multi-phase Equation of State of Ultrapure Hafnium to 120 GPa


Huston, L.; Velisavljevic, N.; Smith, J. ; Gray, G.; Sturtevant, B.


Hafnium (Hf) is an industrially important material due to its large neutron absorption cross-section and its high corrosion resistance. When subjected to high pressure, Hf phase transforms from its hexagonal close packed -Hf phase to the hexagonal -Hf phase. Upon further compression, -Hf phase transforms to the body centered cubic -Hf phase. In this study, the high pressure phase transformations of Hf are studied by compressing and decompressing a well-characterized Hf sample in diamond anvil cells up to 120 GPa whilst collecting x-ray diffraction data. The phase transformations of Hf were compared in both a He pressure transmitting medium (PTM) and no PTM over several experiments. It was found that the -Hf to -Hf phase transition occurs at a higher pressure during compression and lower pressure during decompression with a helium (He) PTM compared to using no PTM. There was little difference in the -Hf to -Hf phase transition pressure between the He PTM and no PTM. The equation of state was fit for all three phases of Hf and under both PTM and no-PTM.