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Structure of the Low-Lying States in {sup 99,101,103,105}Pd


Ivanova, D.; Lalkovski, S.; Mihai, C.; Kisyov, S.; Marginean, N.; Petkov, P.; Atanasova, L.; Bucurescu, D.; Cakirli, B.; Carpenter, M. P.; Kondev, F. G.


The odd-mass Pd99-105 nuclei were studied via Zr90-96((12)C-13, xn gamma) fusion/evaporation reactions. The beam was provided by the IFIN-HH Tandem accelerator at energies of approximately 50 MeV. Emitted gamma rays were detected by the hybrid multidetector system RoSphere. The structure of the low-lying excited states in Pd99-105 and their gamma-decay pattern are discussed in the framework of the rigid triaxial rotor plus particle model, providing a reasonable description of the low-lying level energies, electromagnetic transition rates, and magnetic moments.