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Leveraging national laboratories to increase Black representation in STEM: recommendations within the Department of Energy


Hampton-Marcell, Jarrad; Bryson, Tasia ; Larson, Jeffrey; Childers, Taylor; Pasero, Spencer; Watkins, Cortez; Reed, Thomas; Flucas-Payton, Dorletta ; Papka, Michael


Increasing diversity in STEM disciplines has been a goal at scientifc institutions for many decades. Black representation in STEM, however, has remained critically low at all levels (high school, undergraduate, graduate, and professional) for over 40 years, highlighting the need for innovative strategies that promote and retain Black students andprofessionals in STEM. We refocus eforts on increasing Black representation in STEM by promoting early exposure andcontinued engagement while leveraging national laboratoriesan underutilized resource with immense potential tocentralize diversity and inclusion eforts nationally.