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Feature Story | Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne hosts Unity Mile walk to celebrate Pride Month

Walk honors employees’ unique identities

Walk is a celebration of Argonne’s core values of respect and teamwork.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory hosted a We Are Argonne Unity Mile walk in celebration of Pride Month on June 1.  The Unity Mile reaffirms the laboratory’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusivity and accessibility and honors the unique identities of each member of the laboratory community. 

The walk for unity represented a joint effort of a number of the laboratory’s employee resource groups (ERGs), who together create a space where members of the Argonne workforce can find community. 

Unity Mile walkers gather in celebration. (Image by Argonne National Laboratory.)

We want to show that we are proud of who we are, proud of where we work and proud of the community that we belong to here at Argonne,” said Nathan Rogers, User Program administrator for the Advanced Photon Source, a DOE Office of Science user facility, and co-chair of Argonne’s Spectrum ERG, which supports LGBTQIA+ employees.  

The role of the ERGs, which also include the Argonne African American ERG (AAA-ERG) and Argonne’s Women in Science and Technology ERG, is to help form a community of employees who feel supported at work and valued as individuals. 

Our intent is to celebrate each other,” Rogers said. Even though this is just as simple as showing up, we want to show that we do show up for each other and celebrate all of who we are.” 

This event really speaks to Argonne’s commitment to an intersectional approach, where our core values of respect and teamwork come to the forefront as we create a place where everyone’s identity is celebrated,” said Justin Breaux, social media producer and analyst, and president of the AAA-ERG

Argonne deserves credit as a workplace that values each individual and their unique backgrounds and contributions,” Rogers added. Pride is, at its core, a celebration of authentic existence, and this event is directly in keeping with that theme.” 

This is a time to commemorate our past accomplishments and to summon drive for the challenges still in front of us — to raise awareness and support — and create an intentionally inclusive space where we can thrive as our full and authentic selves,” Rogers said. 

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