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Feature Story | Argonne National Laboratory

Director Littlewood takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Peter Littlewood, Director of Argonne National Laboratory, joined the ranks of the charitably frigid by participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Saturday night at the Chicago Fire’s Toyota Park.

Nine-year old Milo Greenspon challenged Littlewood to take the deep freeze along with Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) and the Museum of Science and Industry’s David Mosena. Each year, in lieu of receiving presents for his birthday, Milo raises money for a charity.

Saturday’s event raised nearly $7,000.

When the high school students in Project Infinite Green heard that Milo was challenged by his friends, they said that he should choose a scientist to do the challenge,” said Catherine Greenspon, Project Infinite Green co-founder and mom of Milo. Since he is exposed to Argonne staff as mentors in the program, his first thought was to ask Dr. Littlewood.”

Project Infinite Green is an afterschool program focused on teaching students about energy sources and provides practical interactive experiences in the business and science of ecosystems.

Students are visited by Argonne energy scientists like Seth Darling and Devin Hodge. Their respective work on solar power and batteries helps to guide student understanding of the research and methods behind a renewable energy future.

ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is a progressive disease that affects the nerves ability to send signals to the rest of the body to initiate motion. As the disease wears down the neurons in the brain and spinal cord, many patients in the later stages of the disease experience paralysis.

Argonne Lab Director Peter Littlewood poses for pictures just after dumping ice water on himself for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Photo credit: Justin H.S. Breaux.