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Article | Argonne National Laboratory

Franck Cappello wins IEEE Award for Outstanding Service

Franck Cappello, a senior computer scientist in Argonne’s Mathematics and Computer Science Division, has been named winner of the 2018 IEEE TCPP Award for Outstanding Service.

The award, presented by the IEEE Technical Committee on Parallel Processing (TCPP), recognizes an individual who has made major professional service contributions to the parallel, distributed and high-performance computing community.

Cappello has a distinguished track record of such service. He has been involved, for example, in more than 70 international conferences, including serving as chair or co-chair of major conference committees such as SC, Cluster, and High-Performance Distributed Computing. He also serves on the editorial boards of three leading high-performance journals such as IEEE Transactions of Parallel and Distributed SystemsJournal of Grid Computing, and Cluster Computing.

Moreover, Cappello has established key initiatives to promote high-performance computing. He was a founding partner and is director of the Joint-Laboratory on Extreme Scale Computing, comprising seven top international institutions addressing critical needs in extreme-scale simulations and data analytics. He also was initiator and director of Grid’5000 for five years; the project has inspired hundreds of scientific publications.

Cappello’s service to the computing community is further evidenced by his role on international commissions. He was the lead of the resilience topic for the International Exascale Software Project, a key motivator of the U.S. Exascale Computing Project. Furthermore, as co-author of the roadmap for the International Exascale Software Project, Cappello helped identify the challenges that researchers will face in exploiting extreme-scale systems.

Cappello said he is honored to receive this award. Creating, developing and helping communities and collaborations is very important, not only to sustain research progress but also to accelerate it. It is critical for the current transition to exascale computing. And we will certainly need to build new communities and collaborations to generate and support the new creative ideas to address the huge challenges of the post-Moore era,” said Cappello.

For further information about the award, see the website.