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Feature Story | Argonne National Laboratory

Small business success story: Telefonix, Inc.

Telefonix, Inc.,  was one of the 90 local small businesses and start-ups that participated in Argonne and Fermilab’s inaugural small business outreach event - titled Doing Business with Argonne and Fermi National Laboratories” - on Aug. 21 at Argonne.

Based in Waukegan, Ill., Telefonix, Inc., has been a leader in aerospace electric cord reel technology for nearly 25 years. However, the company recently launched its first commercial charging station for electric vehicles and was eager to connect with Argonne to learn more about this technology and ways in which it could partner with the lab.

Allen Will, Director of Business Development and Program Management at Telefonix, attended the Aug. 21 event.

Attending the Doing Business with Argonne and Fermi National Laboratories’ event proved to be a critical step in making sure we’re going in the right direction and positioning ourselves for success with the best technology,” Will said.

More than 140 representatives from Chicago-area small businesses and start-ups attended a small business outreach event on Aug. 21 at Argonne.

Shortly after the event, Argonne placed an order with Telefonix for one of its charging stations. More important, the event allowed Telefonix to connect with Argonne’s end users to discuss billing and access control systems for vehicle charging infrastructure and the need for more open and interoperable systems. In the future, Argonne will work with Telefonix on communication and interoperability issues, especially in the standards verification context.

To learn about how your small business/start-up could partner with Argonne, visit the Working With Argonne section of our website or contact Lee Zachos, Small Business Liaison Officer, at 630-252-8842 or SBLO@​anl.​gov.