Argonne National Laboratory

Amy Bender

November 14, 2016

Amy Bender is a high-energy physicist at Argonne National Laboratory.

"High-energy physics is basically trying to study the fundamental physics of the universe at the higher synergies," said Bender. "In particular for me, we're studying cosmology. So we're trying to learn about the beginning of the universe itself."

"I had a really good high school physics teacher," said Bender. "I like to know why things work the way they do. And then I went on to college and took lots of physics classes and it was fun."

"It's completely critical that we're working in a multidisciplinary laboratory. Without the expertise here — the materials scientists, computer scientists, the different types of high energy physicists that have a wide range of experiences — we would not be able to do what we do.

"So, going to the South Pole for the first time, I was extremely excited, a little nervous too because you never know what is going to happen when you're down there," said Bender. "You have to be prepared to fix anything that comes up, from a power outage to a simple electronics issue."

"I find what I do to be meaningful," said Bender. "I love to work in the lab."

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