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Argonne Tandem Linac Accelerator System

ATLAS USERS MEETING: May 15-16, 2014

Thursday May 15

8:008:15 Registration & Coffee

8:158:30 Welcome & introduction to the meeting (A. Wuosmaa, R.V.F. Janssens)

ATLAS/CARIBU Building 203 Auditoium

8:308:45 ATLAS present and future role (G. Savard)

8:459:05 ATLAS capabilities (R. Pardo)

9:059:15 ATLAS Intensity and Efficiency Upgrade (M. Kelly)

9:159:30 ATLAS multi-user potential (P. Ostroumov)

9:309:45 CARIBU (G. Savard)

9:459:55 Target Laboratory (J. Greene)

9:5510:15 Coffee break

NEW EXPERIMENTAL EQUIPMENT      Building 203 Auditorium

10:1510:30 AGFA (B. Back)

10:3010:45 AIRIS (C. Hoffman)

10:4511:20 Gamma-ray arrays

   - GRETINA (M. Cromaz)

   - GRETINA vs GS comparison (T. Lauritsen)

   - DGS (M. Carpenter)

11:2011:30 CHICO2 (C.-Y. Wu)

11:3011:40 APOLLO (H.Y. Lee)

11:4011:50 GODDESS A. Ratkiewicz)

11:5012:00 Phoswitch wall (W. Reviol)

12:0013:15 Lunch

13:1513:25 Tape station/X-array (A.J. Mitchell)

13:2513:35 N=126 Factory (G. Savard)

13:3513:45 LASER LAB (P. Mueller)

13:4513:55 VANDLE (S. Paulauskas)

13:5514:10 Coffee break


14:1014:15 Introduction to the Working Groups (G. Savard)

14:1516:45 Nuclear Structure Working Group Report
(Talks: 1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9;10;11)
(Building 203 Auditorium) (convenors: P. Fallon/W. Reviol/M. Carpenter)

14:1516:15 Single-Particle Structure and Reactions Working
Group Report
 (Talks: 1;2;3;4;56;7;8;9;10)
(Room R-150, Building 203) (convenors: S. Pain/B. Kay)

17:0018:00 Dinner

18:0020:00 Astrophysics Working Group Report (Talks: 0;12;3;4;5;6;7)
(Building 203 Auditorium)( convenors: C. Deibel/J. Clark)

Friday May 16

8:159:15 Fundamental Int. Working Group Report
(Talks:1;2;3;4) (Building 203 Auditorium) (convenors: N. Scielzo/P. Mueller)

9:1510:30 Applications Working Group Report
(Talks:1;2;3;4;5;6) (Building 203 Auditorium) (convenors: P. Collon/E. McCutchan)

10:3011:00 Coffee break

11:0012:00 Physics Division Colloquium

12:0013:00 Lunch

DISCUSSIONS      Building 203 Auditorium

13:0014:00Group reportsDiscussion Leaders

14:0015:00Equipment and multi-user upgrade discussions

15:0016:00ATLAS strategic plan discussions

16:0016:30General conclusionsA. Wuosmaa, G. Savard

16:30 End

Resolutions from the May 2014 Meeting of the ATLAS Users Group:

• The Users strongly support the development of accelerator- and equipment-related initiatives that will enhance the scientific reach and efficient utilization of the ATLAS facility. These initiatives include the upgrade of ATLAS to provide multi-user capabilities and the timely development of the AGFA and AIRIS instruments

• The Users strongly support the establishment of a Center for Accelerator Target Science (CATS) and urge the timely consideration of the CATS proposal submitted to the U. S. Department of Energy

• The Users strongly urge that sufficient support be provided for operations and staffing levels in order to efficiently utilize the ATLAS facility

• The Users strongly endorse the vision expressed in the draft ATLAS Strategic Plan for the future of the ATLAS facility

Draft Resolutions of the 2014 ATLAS Users Meeting