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Dielectric and Metallic Two-Beam Acceleration

AWA Research Area of Focus

Application LC or Higgs Factory

The Two beam acceleration (TBA) scheme, in combination with high gradient structures developed at AWA, is a candidate for future high energy physics machines and FEL user facilities. The large accelerating gradients allow to build compact and shorter machines.

Staging of two TBA modules

Two beam acceleration (TBA) schemes consists of two independent electron accelerators operating synchronously. At the AWA, high-charge 70 MeV bunch trains in the drive accelerator are injected from the rf photoinjector into decelerating structures to generate a few hundred MW of rf power (wakefields). This rf power is transferred through an rf waveguide to accelerating structures that are used to accelerate the witness beam in an otherwise independent second accelerator and beam line. Staging refers to the sequential acceleration (energy gain) in two or more structures on the witness beam line.