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Electron Sources Research

AWA Research Area of Focus

Field Emission

AWA has performed fundamental study of field emission using the Argonne Cathode Test-stand (ACT), including emission evolution during rf conditioning, emission dependence on global parameters, emitter location, thin film emission, etc. A novel ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCD) cathode has also been benchmarked in the real gun environment at AWA.

Flat Beam

A preliminary study on magnetized beams has been conducted at AWA with one of our collaborators. Additional studies will investigate flat beam generation.

Laser Shaping

The work on laser shaping is on-going and has proceeded primarily in conjunction with the Emittance Exchange research program.

Semiconductor Photocathode

The Cs2Te photocathode used in the drive gun is produced in-house. A number of research activities/studies have been or are being conducted using these cathodes, including thermal emission, dark current, Quantum efficiency (QE), lifetime, and work function (CPD) measurements.