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Emittance Exchange

Emittance exchange (EEX) is one of the 4D phase space manipulations providing the exchange of transverse and longitudinal emittances.

When it is used with a flat beam transform, it provides 3D emittance repartitioning. This repartitioning can generate a low transverse emittance which cannot be achieved from the electron source directly. At the same time, since the exchange of emittances is the result of the exchange of transverse and longitudinal phase spaces, EEX can be applied to manipulate the beam as a high quality beam manipulation method.

EEX is normally done with double dogleg beamline which consists of two identical dogleg with a deflecting cavity in the middle. AWA built a double dogleg EEXbeamline in 2015 and has been working on longitudinal tailoring for wakefield accelerator and compact light sources. Longitudinal tailoring using EEX can provide arbitrary longitudinal condition with high precision tailoring. AWA-EEXbeamline is the only available EEX beamline. Transverse-to-longitudinal emittance exchange and high precision beam manipulation can be provided only by AWA.