Argonne National Laboratory


“Much of Argonne’s cutting-edge research is dedicated to discovery and development of clean energy solutions. We are tasked with an extraordinary opportunity—to imagine energy quite differently from how it has been in the past. Our goal is to make energy affordable and safe, being aware of the environment, being aware of consumer needs, and analyzing long-term energy needs for the nation. Our task is to meet these fundamental challenges.

At Argonne, not only do we invent new and sustainable energy technologies, but we also employ renewable energy infrastructure directly on our campus. Argonne’s solar array, larger than the international space station’s array, harnesses energy to help power a nearby building; furthermore it provides scientists with data to be used in their research. Even in our infrastructure, we are thoughtful of our scientific mission.

Argonne’s Sustainability and Environmental Program embodies the laboratory’s commitment to reducing our environmental footprint by championing valuable infrastructure improvements which conserve energy, conserve water and reduce pollution. These efforts are essential to our organization and reflect and support the lab’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions.”

Paul K. Kearns, Interim Laboratory Director

Employees are encouraged to contribute to the achievement of the lab’s sustainability goals, in line with DOE goals, particularly through the reduction of employee commuting emissions.

Employees are empowered to make a "green" difference at Argonne through a variety of opportunities: