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Center for Molecular Engineering

The mission of the Center for Molecular Engineering (CME) is to translate advances in materials science, physics, chemistry, biology and computation into new tools to address important societal problems.

The Center for Molecular Engineering (formerly the Institute for Molecular Engineering at Argonne) — a partner organization to the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering at The University of Chicago — pulls together capabilities and resources from across Argonne’s multi-disciplinary research divisions and The University of Chicago to deliver breakthrough science and engineering that helps our external partners achieve their goals and makes the world a better place.


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Oleo Sponge: A Revolution in Oil Spill Cleanup

Argonne National Laboratory researchers have invented a technology for combating oil spills and other water contamination that surpasses current widely used technologies in multiple critical ways.

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With an unwavering focus on our mission, our researchers take an interdisciplinary approach to research, advancing their fields of study and generating new knowledge for the benefit of future generations.