Argonne National Laboratory

Division Director
Supratik Guha
Phone: 630.252.7740
Fax: 630.252.6866

Argonne Distinguished Fellow
Deputy Division Director
Tijana Rajh
Phone: 630.252.5334
Fax: 630.252.6866

Assistant Division Director
Deborah O'Rourke
Phone: 630.252.3810
Fax: 630.252.6866

Associate Division Director/
CNM User Programs & Operations

Katie Carrado Gregar
Phone: 630-252-7968
Fax: 630-252-6866

CNM User Office
Julie A. Emery Collins
Phone: 630.252.6952
Fax: 630.252.5739

Group Leader, Information Solutions & Technology Assurance
Marcia Wood
Fax: 630.252.6866

Manager, Building & Systems Operations
Ron Tollner
Phone: 630.252.4457
Fax: 630.252.5739

ES&H/User Safety Coordinator
Hua Chen
Phone: 630.252.4714
Fax: 630.252.5739

Scientific Area Leaders


Quantum & Energy Materials
Saw Wai Hla
Phone: 630.252.2743

Theory & Modeling
Stephen Gray
Phone: 630.252.3594

Electron and X-Ray Microscopy
Tijana Rajh (interim)
Phone: 630.252.2882

Nanofabrication and Devices
Daniel Lopez
Phone: 630.252.3419

Nanophotonics & Biofunctional Structures
Gary Wiederrecht
Phone: 630.252.4586


Center for Nanoscale Materials
Argonne National Laboratory
9700 South Cass Avenue, Building 440
Argonne, IL 60439 USA

Map of Argonne Site Showing CNM Location