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Center for Nanoscale Materials

APS/CNM Users Meetings

2020 APS/CNM Users Meeting

SAVE THE DATE:  April 20-23, 2020

The annual joint users meetings of the Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM) and the co-located Advanced Photon Source (APS) are held at Argonne National Laboratory. Anyone is welcome to register for these meetings, which attract more than 400 registrants plus 50+ vendor booths for myriad activities including technical workshops that highlight, promote, and stimulate user science; plenary sessions; poster sessions; a vendor expo; social events; and CNM short courses. A Best Student Poster Award competition is held for students who benefit from accessing the CNM.

CNM Plenary Session

Monday afternoon, April 20, APS Conference Center

Moderator:  CNM Users Executive Committee

  • CNM KEYNOTE: 1:30 pm  Stephen Forrest, University of Michigan
    Peter A. Franken Dist. Prof. of Engin., Paul G. Goebel Prof. of Engin., Prof. of EECS, Physics, and MS&E
    Title TBD

CNM Workshops

Tuesday and Wednesday, April 21-22

  • Advances in Phase Retrieval Methods for High-Resolution X-Ray Imaging
  • Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Synthesis and Processing
  • Hybrid Quantum Systems
  • Joint APS/CNM: Autonomous Control of Experiments in the Microscopes and Light Sources of the Future

CNM Short Courses

Thursday, April 23

$40 full-day/$25 half-day fee in addition to meeting registration fee

More information is coming soon.