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CNM Publications

Journal articles and peer-reviewed conference proceedings resulting form research at the Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM)

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2023 Publications 


Abbasi P., Shirato N., Kumar R. E., Albelo I. V., Barone M. R., Cakan D. N., De La Paz Cruz Jauregui M., Wieghold S., Schlom D. G., Rose V., Pascal T. A., and Fenning D. P., Nanoscale Surface Structure of Nanometer-Thick Ferroelectric BaTiO3 Films Revealed by Synchrotron X-ray Scanning Tunneling Microscopy: Implications for Catalytic Adsorption Reactions”, ACS Appl. Nano Mater.6, 2162-2170, (2023) (Link)

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Basuroy K., Velazquez Garia J., Storozhuk D., Henning R., Gosztola D. J., Thekku Veedu S., and Techert S., Axial vs. Equatorial: Capturing the Intramolecular Charge Transfer State Geometry in Conformational Polymorphic Crystals of a Donor-Bridge-Acceptor Dyad in Nanosecond-time-scale”, J. Chem. Phys.158, 054304, (2023) (Link)

Bieber A. S., Sullivan C. M., Shulenberger K. E., Moller G. J., Mardani M., Wieghold S., Siegrist T., and Nienhaus L., Perovskite-Sensitized Upconversion under Operando Conditions”, J. Phys. Chem. C, (2023) (Link)

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Chen J., Trerayapiwat K., Sun L., Krzyaniak M. D., Wasielewski M. R., Rajh T., Sharifzadeh S., and Ma X., Long-lived Electronic Spin Qubits in Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes”, Nature Communications4, 848, (2023) (Link)

Chen Q., Adeniran O. M., Liu Z., Zhang Z., and Awaga K., Graphite-like Charge Storage Mechanism in a 2D π-d Conjugated Metal-Organic Framework Revealed by Stepwise Magnetic Monitoring”, J. Am. Chem. Soc.145, 1062-1071, (2023) (Link)

Cho W., Zhou Z., Lin R., Ondry J. C., and Talapin D. V., Synthesis of Colloidal GaN and AlN Nanocrystals in Biphasic Molten Salt/Organic Solvent Mixtures under High-Pressure Ammonia”, ACS Nano17, 1315-1326, (2023) (Link)

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Dahal N., Ehrett C., Osterberg J. A., Divan R., and Wang P. N., Candida Cell Heterogeneity Measured With a Microwave Flow Cytometer”, IEEE Journal of Electromagnetics, RF and Microwaves in Medicine and Biology, (2023) (Link)

Dai J., Liu Z., Wang L., Huang G., Song S., Chen C., Wu T., Xu X., Hao C., Bian Y., Rozhkova E. A., Chen Z., and Yang H., A Telomerase-Activated Magnetic Resonance Imaging Probe for Consecutively Monitoring Tumor Growth Kinetics and In Situ Screening Inhibitors”, J. Am. Chem. Soc.145, 1108-1117, (2023) (Link)

Diroll B. T., and Schaller R. D., Reexamination of the Giant Oscillator Strength Effect in CdSe Nanoplatelets”, J. Phys. Chem. C, (2023) (Link)

Diroll B. T., Guzelturk B., Dabard C., Lhuillier E., Ithurria Lhuillier S., Po H., Dabard C., Fu N., Makke L., Lhuillier E., and Ithurria Lhuillier S., 2D II-VI Semiconductor Nanoplatelets: From Material Synthesis to Optoelectronic Integration”, Chem. Rev., (2023) (Link)

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Eriksson A. M., Shoshani O., Lopez D., Shaw S. E., and Czaplewski D. A., Controllable Branching of Robust Response Patterns in Nonlinear Mechanical Resonators”, Nature Communications14, 161, (2023) (Link)

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Fang L., Xu W., Lyu X., Liu Y., Reinhart B., Nguyen H., and Li T., Suppressing the Shuttle Effects with FeCo/SPAN Cathodes and High-Concentration Electrolytes for High-Performance Lithium-Sulfur Batteries”, ACS Appl. Energy Mater.6, 795-801, (2023) (Link)

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Huang W., Zhang M., Ge M., Li S., Xie L., Chen Z., Wang G., Lin J., Qiu J., Yu L., Wen J., Ren G., Lin C., Zhao W., Chen H., and Pan F., Stabilizing a Li-Mn-O Cathode by Blocking Lattice O Migration through a Nanoscale Phase Complex”, ACS Energy Lett.8, 901-908, (2023) (Link)

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John Dahunsi O., Gao S., Kaelin J. R., Li B., Abdul Razak I. B., An B., and Cheng Y., Anode-free Na Metal Batteries Developed by Nearly Fully Reversible Na Plating on the Zn Surface”, Nanoscale15, 3255-3262, (2023) (Link)

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Kondori A., Esmaeilirad M., Harzandi A., Amine R., Saray M., Yu L., Liu T., Wen J., Shan N., Wang H., Ngo A. T., Redfern P. C., Johnson C. S., Amine K., Shahbazian Yassar R., Curtiss L. A., and Asadi M., A Room Temperature Rechargeable Li2O-based Lithium-air Battery Enabled by a Solid Electrolyte”, Science379, 499-505, (2023) (Link)

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Li B., Xia F., Liu Y., Tan H., Gao S., Kaelin J. R., Liu Y., Lu K., Marks T. J., and Cheng Y., Co2Mo6S8 Catalyzes Nearly Exclusive Electrochemical Nitrate Conversion to Ammonia with Enzyme-like Activity”, Nano Letters, (2023) (Link)

Li B., Zhang H., Kaelin J. R., Gao S., Xia F., An B., Lu K., and Cheng Y., Carbon-Supported and Shape-Controlled PtPd Nanocrystal Synthesis in Flowing Deep Eutectic Solvents for the Methanol Oxidation Reaction”, ACS Appl. Nano Mater., (2023) (Link)

Liang W., Wang X., Yang W., Zhao S., Wiley D., Haynes B. S., Jiang Y., Liu P., and Huang J. X., Tailoring and Identifying Brønsted Acid Sites on Metal Oxo-Clusters of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Catalytic Transformation”, ACS Cent. Sci.9, 27-35, (2023) (Link)

Liao Y., Gruber M. W., Lukic H., Mclees J., Chen S., Boghosian A., and Megremis S. J., Survey of the Mechanical and Physical Behaviors of Yttria-stabilized Zirconia from Multiple Dental Laboratories”, JADA Foundational Science2, 100018, (2023) (Link)

Liu C., Zhou X., Hong D., Fisher B. L., Zheng H. N., Pearson J. E., Jiang J., Jin D., Norman M. R., and Bhattacharya A., Tunable Superconductivity and its Origin at KTaO3 Interfaces”, Nature Communications14, 951, (2023) (Link)

Liu Y., Yu Y., Yang F., Zhu G., Yu K., Kou R., Sun C., Liu Y., Xu J., Liu C., Li C., Liu T., Ren Y., Lu W., Ferreira R., Ferreira P., Zhang Z., and Xie J., Reversible Iron Oxyfluoride (FeOF)-Graphene Composites as Sustainable Cathodes for High Energy Density Lithium Batteries”, Small, (2023) (Link)

Lu S., Morrow D., Li Z., Guo C., Yu X., Wang H., Schultz J. D., O’Connor J. P., Jin N., Fang F., Wang W., Cui R., Chen O., Su C., Wasielewski M. R., Ma X., and Li X., Encapsulating Semiconductor Quantum Dots in Supramolecular Cages Enables Ultrafast Guest-Host Electron and Vibrational Energy Transfer”, J. Am. Chem. Soc., (2023) (Link)

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Macknojia A., Ayyagari A., Zambrano D., Rosenkranz A., Shevchenko E. V., and Berman D., Macroscale Superlubricity Induced by MXene/MoS2 Nanocomposites on Rough Steel Surfaces under High Contact Stresses”, ACS Nano17, 2421-2430, (2023) (Link)

Mccullough K. E., King D. S., Chheda S. P., Ferrandon M. S., Goetjen T. A., Syed Z. H., Graham T. R., Washton N. M., Farha O. K., Gagliardi L., and Delferro M., High-Throughput Experimentation, Theoretical Modeling, and Human Intuition: Lessons Learned in Metal-Organic-Framework-Supported Catalyst Design”, ACS Cent. Sci., (2023) (Link)

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Omotosho K. D., Tran J., Shevchenko E. V., and Berman D., Polymer Infiltration Synthesis of Inorganic Nanoporous Coatings: Does Polymer Template Affect Their Properties?”, Surf. Coat. Tech.452, 129107, (2023) (Link)

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Panuganti S., Cuthriell S. A., Leonard A. A., Quintero M. A., Laing C. C., Guzelturk B., Zhang X., Chen L. X., Kanatzidis M. G., and Schaller R. D., Transient X-ray Diffraction Reveals Nonequilibrium Phase Transition in Thin Films of CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite”, ACS Energy Lett.8, 691-698, (2023) (Link)

Pradhan N. R., Garcia C., Chakrabarti B., Rosenmann D., Divan R., Sumant A. V., Miller C., Hilton D., Karaiskaj D., and Mcgill S. A., Insulator-to-metal Phase Transition in a Few-layered MoSe2 Field Effect Transistor”, Nanoscale15, 2667-2673, (2023) (Link)

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Rangarajan S., and Mavrikakis M., A Comparative Analysis of Different van der Waals Treatments for Molecular Adsorption on the Basal Plane of 2H-MoS2”, Surf. Sci.729, 122226, (2023) (Link)

Rawashdeh A., Wildenborg A., Liu E., Gao Z., Czaplewski D. A., Qu H., Suh J., and Yang A., High-Quality Surface Plasmon Polaritons in Large-Area Sodium Nanostructures”, Nano Letters23, 469-475, (2023) (Link)

Rui N., Wang X., Deng K., Moncada J., Rosales R., Zhang F., Xu W., Waluyo I., Hung A., Stavitski E., Senanayake S. D., Liu P., and Rodriguez J. A., Atomic Structural Origin of the High Methanol Selectivity over In2O3-Metal Interfaces: Metal-Support Interactions and the Formation of a InOx Overlayer in Ru/In2O3 Catalysts during CO2 Hydrogenation”, ACS Catal.13, 3187-3200, (2023) (Link)

Ryu B., Liu Y., Pu H., Wang Y., Shi X., Lee S., and Chen J., A Facile Approach for Site-selective and Large-area Growth of MoS2 Through Heterogeneous Nucleation”, Appl. Surf. Sci.607, 155066, (2023) (Link)

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Shao W., Liu S., and Llorca Martinez F., First Principles Prediction of the Al-Li Phase Diagram Including Configurational and Vibrational Entropic Contributions”, Computational Materials Science217, 111898, (2023) (Link)

Shen J., Zhang B., Dai A. Q., He X., Xiao Z., Yu L., Li T., Wen J., Li X., Liu T., Ou X., and Amine K., Constructing Stable Interface Layer for Boosting High-voltage Cycling Performance of Single-crystal Ni-rich Cathodes”, J. Power Sources559, 232653, (2023) (Link)

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Unruh D. G., Kolluru V., Baskaran A., Chen Y., and Chan M. K., Theory+AI/ML for Microscopy and Spectroscopy: Challenges and Opportunities”, MRS Bull.47, 1024-1035, (2023) (Link)

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Wang G., Barry P. S., Cecil T. W., Chang C. L., Li J., Lisovenko M., Novosad V., Pan Z., Yefremenko V. G., and Zhang J., Electromagnetic Properties of Aluminum-Based Bilayers for Kinetic Inductance Detectors”, IEEE T. Appl. Supercon., 1-6, (2023) (Link)

Wyatt B. C., Thakur A., Nykiel K., Hood Z. D., Adhikari S. P., Pulley K. K., Highland W. J., Strachan A., and Anasori B., Design of Atomic Ordering in Mo2Nb2C3Tx MXenes for Hydrogen Evolution Electrocatalysis”, Nano Letters23, 931-938, (2023) (Link)

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Xu J., Wang Y., Pate S. E., Zhu Y., Mao Z., Zhang X., Zhou X., Welp U., Kwok W. N., Chung D., Kanatzidis M. G., and Xiao Z., Unreliability of Two-band Model Analysis of Magnetoresistivities in Unveiling Temperature-driven Lifshitz Transition”, Phys. Rev. B107, 035104, (2023) (Link)

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Zhang X., Cai H., Daqiqeh Rezaei S., Rosenmann D., and Lopez O., A Universal Metasurface Transfer Technique for Heterogeneous Integration”, Nanophotonics, (2023) (Link)