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Quantum Materials and Phenomena

Quantum Materials and Phenomena

The goal of this theme is to combine CNM’s expertise in synthesis, fabrication, characterization and theory regarding nanostructures and nanometer length scales to discover, understand and control fundamental mechanisms for quantum sensing, imaging and manipulations of energy and information.

This theme focuses on studies of the fundamentals of sub-wavelength light energy localization, probing of optically and electrically accessible defects, as well as photon and phonon dynamics in low-dimensional materials.

We investigate a wide range of systems, including defects and color centers in hosts such as diamond and other insulators and semiconductors, colloidal and nanofabricated plasmonic structures that exhibit collective excitations, as well as quantum-confined excitons in semiconductor nanostructures, superlattices and hybrids.

We implement methods that include single chromophore photon correlation statistics, variable temperature and magnetic field scanning tunneling microscopy, X-ray and optically excited scanning tunneling spectroscopy, micro-Raman and photoluminescence, and ultrafast ensemble spectroscopies.

This theme also includes new opportunities for using quantum phenomena and quantum sensors for making measurements of materials and surfaces—an area particularly significant for user facilities such as the Center for Nanoscale Materials.