Argonne National Laboratory

Seminar Series

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Dec. 1, 2017
Bldg. 440, Room A105/A106
"Non-Equilibrium Materials Discovery: Terahertz Light-Quantum-Tuning of Electronic Phases Hidden by Superconductivity", Jigang Wang, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Iowa State University - Ames Laboratory.  Host:  Haidan Wen
Observation of “sudden” quantum quench of dominant phases without heating of other degrees of freedom in the system can provide transformative opportunities for accessing and controlling new, thermodynamically forbidden, phases of matter. These states are not accessible by traditional adiabatic tuning methods: chemical substitution, temperature, pressure, or magnetic field that reach exotic phases, often with serendipity, via spontaneous coherence. In this talk, I will discuss several examples using terahertz (THz) light-matter coherence for non-adiabatic Hamiltonian design in superconductors which expose new phases and collective modes hidden in equilibrium by the dominant competing SC order. Finally, I will present the outlook for applying the THz quantum control strategy in topological materials and spectroscopy nano-imaging.