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Center for Nanoscale Materials

Prepare for Your Arrival

What to do once your user proposal has been accepted

Before you arrive at the Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM), complete these items

Verify that a User Agreement is in place. If you are not an Argonne National Laboratory employee, a user agreement signed by your home institution is a prerequisite for experimental work at any of Argonne’s user facilities. The U.S. Department of Energy provides master agreements that cover liability, intellectual property and financial issues. The names of institutions with master agreements currently in place are available online. If no User Agreement is in place, please complete the User Agreement Questionnaire.

Fill out a User Work Submittal form. This defines all research participants and work equipment and materials needed for your research at CNM. You will receive instructions on how to complete this step in your CNM user proposal acceptance email. If you have questions, contact the CNM User Office.

Plan your visit

Contact your Scientific Contact (SciCon) to schedule your equipment time and plan the details of your experiment. Your SciCon is the CNM staff scientist who has been assigned to oversee your experiment. Your SciCon will have been identified in your CNM User Proposal Acceptance email. 

Notify the CNM User Office of your visit at least four weeks in advance. This starts site access clearance procedures and scheduling for pertinent safety and orientation classes.

Gather acceptable forms of identification. You must present acceptable forms of identification to enter Argonne National Laboratory. Acceptable forms of identification for U.S. and non-U.S. citizens are available online.

ALL research collaborators associated with your CNM proposal must register through the User Registration Portal prior to your visit. Non-U.S. citizens may need four to eight weeks for clearance.

Plan your lodging accommodations. Information about on-campus and local lodging is available online

Locate the main CNM building on the Argonne site map. The main CNM building, including the CNM User Office, is located in Building 440. This building is attached to the Advanced Photon Source around the ring to the west. A map of Argonne’s user facilities, including the CNM, is available online for download.

Take mandatory training online. Before performing work at the CNM, you must take orientation and safety training courses. We encourage you to take these courses remotely before you arrive at Argonne. 

Gather manuals. Please bring copies of operations manuals for all equipment brought to the CNM.

Assemble safety data sheets. As required under federal law, each hazardous material shipped to the CNM must be accompanied by a safety data sheet (SDS). Please bring a copy of the most current SDS (under most circumstances, no more than two years old). The CNM does not require SDSs for samples, but does require that this information accompany samples shipped to the CNM1) Available information characterizing known and suspected hazard; 2) Recommended precautions.

Plan for chemical usage. Please plan for your use, shipping and disposal of chemicals. CNM resources are available online

Ready to begin your work at CNM?