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The public CNM Publications list includes journal articles and peer-reviewed conference proceedings resulting form research at the CNM. A selection of journals is recognized as conveying especially high-impact nanoscience and nanotechnology studies. We are also interested in patents or other output in the public domain; please contact with any such information.

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2018 Publications


Acik M., Alam T. M., Guo F., Ren Y., Lee B., Rosenberg R. A., Mitchell J. F., Park I., Lee G., and Darling S. B., "Substitutional Growth of Methylammonium Lead Iodide Perovskites in Alcohols", Adv. Eng. Mater., 8, 1701726-1-1701726-14, (2018) (Link)

Acik M., Park I., Koritala R. E., Lee G., and Rosenberg R. A., "Oxygen-induced Defects at the Lead Halide Perovskite/graphene Oxide Interfaces", J. Mater. Chem. A, 6, 1423-1442, (2018) (Link)

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Bai Y., and Mavrikakis E., "Mechanistic Study of Nitric Oxide Reduction by Hydrogen on Pt(100) (I): A DFT Analysis of the Reaction Network", J. Phys. Chem. B, 122, 432-443, (2018) (Link)

Barry E. F., Libera J. A., Mane A. U., Avila J. R., Devitis D., Van Dyke K., Elam J. W., and Darling S. B., "Mitigating Oil Spills in the Water Column", Environ. Sci. Water Res. Technol. , 4, 40-47, (2018) (Link)

Benedetti I., Nguyen H., Soler-crespo R. A., Gao W., Mao L. M., Ghasemi A., Wen J., Nguyen S., and Espinosa H. D., "Formulation and Validation of a Reduced Order Model of 2D Materials Exhibiting a Two-phase Microstructure as Applied to Graphene Oxide", J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 112, 66-88, (2018) (Link)

Bullard J. W., Hagedorn J., Ley M. T., Hu Q., Griffin W., and Terrill J. E., "A Critical Comparison of 3D Experiments and Simulations of Tricalcium Silicate Hydration", J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 101, 1453-1470, (2018) (Link)

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Campbell C. T., Lee Y., Cho K., Lee Y., Lee B., Phatak C. M., and Hong S., "Effect of Nanopatterning on Mechanical Properties of Lithium Anode", Scientific Reports, 8, 2514, (2018) (Link)

Chen Y., Gao J., and Yang X., "Chiral Metamaterials of Plasmonic Slanted Nanoapertures with Symmetry Breaking", Nano Letters, 18, 520-527, (2018) (Link)

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Farooq M. U., Novosad V., Rozhkova E. A., Wali H., Ali A., Fateh A. A., Neogi P. B., Neogi A., and Wang Z., "Gold Nanoparticles-enabled Efficient Dual Delivery of Anticancer Therapeutics to HeLa Cells", Scientific Reports, 8, 2907, (2018) (Link)

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Guo S., Heck K., Kasiraju S., Qian H., Zhao Z., Grabow L. C., Miller J. T., and Wong M. S., "Insights into Nitrate Reduction over Indium-Decorated Palladium Nanoparticle Catalysts", ACS Catal., 8, 503-515, (2018) (Link)

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Halder A., Kilianova M., Yang B., Tyo E. C., Seifert S., Prucek R., Panacek A., Suchomel P., Tomanec O., Gosztola D. J., Milde D., Wang H., Kvitek L., Zboril R., and Vajda S., "Highly Efficient Cu-decorated Iron Oxide Nanocatalyst for Low Pressure CO2 Conversion", Appl. Catal. B: Env., 225, 128-138, (2018) (Link)

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Jensen M. A., Morishige A. E., Chakraborty S., Sharma R., Laine H. S., Lai B. P., Rose V., Youssef A., Looney E. E., Wieghold S., Poindexter J. R., Correa-baena J., Felisca T., Savin H., Li J. B., and Buonassisi A. G., "Solubility and Diffusivity: Important Metrics in the Search for the Root Cause of Light- and Elevated Temperature-Induced Degradation", IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 8, 448-455, (2018) (Link)

Jiang X., Liu W., Li Y., Shao Z., Luo Z., Zhu D., and Zhu M., "Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Cu/Ti3SiC2/C/graphene Nanocomposites Prepared by Vacuum Hot-pressing Sintering and Hot Isostatic Pressing", Compos. Part B - Engr., 141, 203-213, (2018) (Link)

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Keavney D. J., Choi Y., Holt M. V., Uhlir V., Arena D. A., Fullerton E. E., Ryan P. J., and Kim J., "Phase Coexistence and Kinetic Arrest in the Magnetostructural Transition of the Ordered Alloy FeRh", Scientific Reports, 8, 1778, (2018) (Link)

Kirschner M. S., Ding W., Li Y., Chapman C. T., Lei A., Lin X., Chen L. X., Schatz G. C., and Schaller R. D., "Phonon-Driven Oscillatory Plasmonic Excitonic Nanomaterials", Nano Letters, 18, 442-448, (2018) (Link)

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Lee E., Salgado R. A., Lee B., Sumant A. V., Rajh T., Johnson C. S., Balandin A. A., and Shevchenko E. V., "Design of Lithium Cobalt Oxide Electrodes with High Thermal Conductivity and Electrochemical Performance Using Carbon Nanotubes and Diamond Particles", Carbon, 129, 702-710, (2018) (Link)

Lee J., Jiang Z., Wang J., Sandy A. R., Narayanan S., and Lin X., "Unraveling the Role of Order-to-Disorder Transition in Shear Thickening Suspensions", Phys. Rev. Lett., 120, 028002, (2018) (Link)

Lengyel Z., Rufo C. M., Moroz Y. S., Makhlynets O. V., and Korendovych I. V., "Copper-Containing Catalytic Amyloids Promote Phosphoester Hydrolysis and Tandem Reactions", ACS Catal., 8, 59-62, (2018) (Link)

Liu B., and Gao F., "Navigating Glycerol Conversion Roadmap and Heterogeneous Catalyst Selection Aided by Density Functional Theory: A Review", Catalysts, 8, 1-27, (2018) (Link)

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Mane A. U., Letourneau S. P., Mandia D. J., Liu J., Libera J. A., Lei Y., Peng Q., Graugnard E., and Elam J. W., "Atomic Layer Deposition of Molybdenum Disulfide Films Using MoF6 and H2S ", J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A, 36, 01A125 , (2018) (Link)

Moldovan N. A., Divan R. S., Zeng H., Ocola L. E., De Andrade V. J., and Wojcik M. J., "Atomic Layer Deposition Frequency-multiplied Fresnel Zone Plates for Hard X-rays Focusing", J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A, 36, 01A124 , (2018) (Link)

Montoncello F., Giovannini L., Bang W., Ketterson J. B., Jungfleisch M., Hoffmann A. F., Farmer B. W., and De Long L. E., "Mutual Influence Between Macrospin Reversal Order and Spin-wave Dynamics in Isolated Artificial Spin-ice Vertices", Phys. Rev. B, 97, 014421, (2018) (Link)

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Park J., and Chan M. K., " Mechanism of Na Accumulation at Extended Defects in Si from First-principles", J. Appl. Phys., 123, 161560, (2018) (Link)

Parker J. A., Gray S. K., and Scherer N. F., "Optical Magnetism in Core-satellite Nanostructures Excited by Vector Beams", Photonic and Phononic Properties of Engineered Nanostructures VIII;, [105411], (SPIE Opto), (2018) (Link)

Poindexter J. R., Jensen M. A., Morishige A. E., Looney E. E., Youssef A., Correa-baena J., Wieghold S., Rose V., Lai B. P., Cai Z., and Buonassisi A. G., "Distribution and Charge State of Iron Impurities in Intentionally Contaminated Lead Halide Perovskites", IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 8, 156-161, (2018) (Link)

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Said A. H., Gog T., Wieczorek M. J., Huang X., Casa D. M., Kasman E., Divan R. S., and Kim J., " High-energy-resolution Diced Spherical Quartz Analyzers for Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering", J. Synchrotron Rad., 25, 1-5, (2018) (Link)

Sarkar K., Datta D., Gosztola D. J., Shi F., Nicholls A., Stroscio M. A., and Dutta M., "Raman Analysis of Phonon Modes in a Short Period AlN/GaN Superlattice", Superlattices and Microstructures, 115, 116-122, (2018) (Link)

Sarkar K., Mukherjee S., Wiederrecht G. P., Schaller R. D., Gosztola D. J., Stroscio M. A., and Dutta M., "Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics and Optical Pumping of Lasing from Ar-plasma Treated ZnO Nanoribbons", Nanotechnology, 29, 095701, (2018) (Link)

Szilvasi T., Bao N., Yu H., Twieg R. J., Mavrikakis E., and Abbott N. L., "The Role of Anions in Adsorbate-induced Anchoring Transitions of Liquid Crystals on Surfaces with Discrete Cation Binding Sites ", Soft Matter, 14, 797-805, (2018) (Link)

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Thomas R., Thomas A., Pullanchery S., Joseph L., Mambully Somasundaran S., Srinivasamurthy Swathi R., Gray S. K., and Thomas K., "Plexcitons: The Role of Oscillator Strengths and Spectral Widths in Determining Strong Coupling", ACS Nano, 12, 402-415, (2018) (Link)

Tian J., Yang D., Wen J., Filatov A. S., Liu Y., Lei A., and Lin X., "A Stable Rhodium Single-site Catalyst Encapsulated within Dendritic Mesoporous Nanochannels ", Nanoscale, 10, 1047-1055, (2018) (Link)

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Van Dyck C. J., Fu B., Van Duyne R. P., Schatz G. C., and Ratner M. A., "Deducing the Adsorption Geometry of Rhodamine 6G from the Surface-Induced Mode Renormalization in Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy", J. Phys. Chem. C, 122, 465-473, (2018) (Link)

Vasista A. B., Jog H., Heilpern T., Sykes M., Tiwari S., Sharma D. K., Chaubey S. K., Wiederrecht G. P., Gray S. K., and Venkataramu P., "Differential Wavevector Distribution of Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering and Fluorescence in a Film-Coupled Plasmonic Nanowire Cavity", Nano Letters, 18, 650-655, (2018) (Link)

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Wu Q., Shi B., Bareno J., Liu Y., Maroni V. A., Zhai D., Dees D. W., and Lu W., "Investigations of Si Thin Films as Anode of Lithium-Ion Batteries", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 10, 3487-3494, (2018) (Link)

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Xu L., Kirvassilis D., Bai Y., and Mavrikakis E., "Atomic and Molecular Adsorption on Fe(110)", Surface Science, 667, 54-65, (2018) (Link)

Xu X., Li P., Zlobin A. V., and Peng X., "Improvement of Stability of Nb3Sn Superconductors by Introducing High Specific Heat Substances", Supercond. Sci. Technol., 31, 03LT02 , (2018) (Link)

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Yang H., Waldman R. Z., Wu M., Hou J., Chen L., Darling S. B., and Xu Z., "Dopamine: Just the Right Medicine for Membranes", Advanced Functional Materials, 28, 1705327-1-705327-14 , (2018) (Link)

Yang H., Wu M., Hou J., Darling S. B., and Xu Z., "Nanofilms Directly Formed on Macro-porous Substrates for Molecular and Ionic Sieving", J. Mater. Chem. A, 6, 2908-2913, (2018) (Link)

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Zhang Z., Schwanz D., Narayanan B., Kotiuga M., Dura J. A., Cherukara M. J., Zhou H., Freeland J. W., Li J., Sutarto R., He F., Wu C., Zhu J., Sun Y., Ramadoss K., Nonnenmann S. S., Yu N., Comin R., Rabe K. M., Sankaranarayanan S., and Ramanathan S., "Perovskite Nickelates as Electric-field Sensors in Salt Water", Nature, 553, 68-72, (2018) (Link)

Zhou M., Cheng L., Choi J., Liu B., Curtiss L. A., and Surendran Assary R., " Ni-Doping Effects on Oxygen Removal from an Orthorhombic Mo2C (001) Surface: A Density Functional Theory Study", J. Phys. Chem. C, 122, 1595-1603, (2018) (Link)