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CNM 2015 Publications

2015 Publications

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Agarwal V., and Metiu H. I., "Hydrogen Abstraction Energies and Ammonia Binding to BEA, ZSM-5, and Quartz Doped with Al, Sc, B, or Ga", J. Phys. Chem. C, 119, 16106-16114, (2015) (Link)

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An Z., Jia H., Wu Y., Rack P. D., Patchen A. D., Liu Y., Ren Y., Li N., and Liaw P. K., "Solid-Solution CrCoCuFeNi High-Entropy Alloy Thin Films Synthesized by Sputter Deposition", Mater. Res. Lett., 3, 203-209, (2015) (Link)

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Antonio D., Czaplewski D. A., Guest J. R., Lopez O., Arroyo S. I., and Zanette D. H., "Nonlinearity-Induced Synchronization Enhancement in Micromechanical Oscillators", Phys. Rev. Lett., 114, 034103, (2015) (Link)

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Azimi N. Z., Xue Z., Bloom I., Gordin M. L., Wang D., Daniel T., Takoudis C. G., and Zhang Z., "Understanding the Effect of a Fluorinated Ether on the Performance of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 7, 9169-9177, (2015) (Link)


Baghani E., O'Leary S. K., Fedin I., Talapin D. V., and Pelton M. A., "Auger-Limited Carrier Recombination and Relaxation in CdSe Colloidal Quantum Wells", J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 6, 1032-1036, (2015) (Link)

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Bartling S., Yin C., Barke I., Oldenburg K., Hartmann H., Von Oeynhausen V., Pohl M., Houben K., Tyo E. C., Seifert S., Lievens P., Meiwes-broer K., and Vajda S., "Pronounced Size Dependence in Structure and Morphology of Gas-Phase Produced, Partially Oxidized Cobalt Nanoparticles under Catalytic Reaction Conditions", ACS Nano, 9, 5984-5998, (2015) (Link)

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Berman D., Deshmukh S. A., Sankaranarayanan S., Erdemir A., and Sumant A. V., "Macroscale Superlubricity Enabled by Graphene Nanoscroll Formation", Science, 348, 1118-1122, (2015) (Link)

Berman D., Erdemir A., Zinovev A., and Sumant A. V., "Nanoscale Friction Properties of Graphene and Graphene Oxide", Diamond and Related Materials, 54, 91-96, (2015) (Link)

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Buja F., Kokorian J., Sumant A. V., and Van Spengena W., "Studies on Measuring Surface Adhesion Between Sidewalls in Boron Doped Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Based Microelectromechanical Devices", Diamond and Related Materials, 55, 22-31, (2015) (Link)

Buurma C. F., Paulauskas T., Guo Z., Klie R. F., and Chan M. K., "Density Functional Theory Modeling of Twin Boundaries in CdTe as Informed by STEM Observations", Microscopy and Microanalysis, 20, 528-529, (2015) (Link)

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Chang J., Zhou G., Gao X., Mao S., Cui S., Ocola L. E., Yuan C., and Chen J., "Real-time Detection of Mercury Ions in Water Using a Reduced Graphene Oxide/DNA field-effect Transistor with Assistance of a Passivation Layer", Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research, 5, 97-104, (2015) (Link)

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