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CNM 2016 Publications

2016 Publications


Agarwal V., and Metiu H. I., "Energy of Oxygen-Vacancy Formation on Oxide Surfaces: Role of the Spatial Distribution," J. Phys. Chem. C, 120, 2320-2323, (2016) (Link)

Arges C. G., Kambe Y., Suh H., Ocola L. E., and Nealey P. F., "Perpendicularly Aligned, Anion Conducting Nanochannels in Block Copolymer Electrolyte Films," Chem. Mater., 28, 1377-1389, (2016) (Link)

Asadi M., Kumar B., Liu C., Phillips P., Yasaei P., Behranginia A., Zapol P., Klie R. F., Curtiss L. A., and Salehi-khojin A., "Cathode Based on Molybdenum Disulfide Nanoflakes for Lithium-Oxygen Batteries," ACS Nano, 10, 2167-2175, (2016) (Link)

Ashuri M., He Q., Liu Y., Zhang K., Emani S. V., Sawicki M. S., Shamie J. S., and Shaw L. L., "Hollow Silicon Nanospheres Encapsulated with a Thin Carbon Shell: An Electrochemical Study," Electrochem. Acta, 215, 126-141, (2016) (Link)

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Barkholtz H. M., Gallagher J. R., Li T., Liu Y., Winans R. E., Miller J. T., Liu D., and Xu T., "Lithium Assisted "Dissolution-Alloying" Synthesis of Nanoalloys from Individual Bulk Metals," Chem. Mater., 28, 2267-2277, (2016) (Link)

Behranginia A., Asadi M., Liu C., Yasaei P., Kumar B., Phillips P., Foroozan T., Waranius J. C., Kim K., Abiade J. T., Klie R. F., Curtiss L. A., and Salehi-khojin A., "Highly Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Using Crystalline Layered Three-Dimensional Molybdenum Disulfides Grown on Graphene Film," Chem. Mater., 28, 549-555, (2016) (Link)

Bugaris D. E., Malliakas C. D., Chung D., and Kanatzidis M. G., "Metallic Borides, La2Re3B7 and La3Re2B5, Featuring Extensive Boron-Boron Bonding," Inorg. Chem., 55, 1664-1673, (2016) (Link)

Bukowski B. C., and Greeley J. P., "Scaling Relationships for Molecular Adsorption and Dissociation in Lewis Acid Zeolites," J. Phys. Chem. C, 120, 6714-6722, (2016) (Link)

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Cammarata A., and Rondinelli J. M., "Microscopic Interactions Governing Phase Matchability in Nonlinear Optical Materials," J. Mater. Chem. C, 4, 5858-5863, (2016) (Link)

Cao Y., Meng X., and Elam J. W., "Atomic Layer Deposition of LixAlyS Solid-State Electrolytes for Stabilizing Lithium-Metal Anodes," ChemElectroChem, 3, 858-863, (2016) (Link)

Cecil T. W., Gades L. M., Madden T., Yan D., and Miceli A., "Tuning the Transition Temperature of WSix Alloys for Use in Cryogenic Microcalorimeters," J. Low Temp. Phys., 184, 17-22, (2016) (Link)

Chang A. Y., Cho Y., Chen K., Chen C., Kinaci A., Diroll B. T., Wagner M. J., Chan M. K., Lin H., and Schaller R. D., "Slow Organic-to-Inorganic Sub-Lattice Thermalization in Methylammonium Lead Halide Perovskites Observed by Ultrafast Photoluminescence," Adv. Eng. Mater., 6, 1600422 , (2016) (Link)

Che F., Ha S., and Mcewen J., "Elucidating the Role of the Electric Field at the Ni/YSZ Electrode: A DFT Study," J. Phys. Chem. C, 120, 14608-14620, (2016) (Link)

Che F., Su H., and Mcewen J., "Elucidating the Field Influence on the Energetics of the Methane Steam Reforming Reaction: A Density Functional Theory Study," Appl. Catal. B: Env., 195, 77-89, (2016) (Link)

Cherukara M. J., Narayanan B., Kinaci A., Sasikumar K., Gray S. K., Chan M. K., and Sankaranarayanan S., "Ab Initio-Based Bond Order Potential to Investigate Low Thermal Conductivity of Stanene Nanostructures," J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 7, 3752-3759, (2016) (Link)

Cui Y., Kenworthy A. K., Edidin M., Divan R. S., Rosenmann D., and Wang P., " Analyzing Single Giant Unilamellar Vesicles With a Slotline-Based RF Nanometer Sensor," IEEE T. Micro. Theory, 64, 1339-1347, (2016) (Link)

Cunningham P. D., Souza Jr. J. B., Fedin I., She C., Lee B., and Talapin D. V., "Assessment of Anisotropic Semiconductor Nanorod and Nanoplatelet Heterostructures," ACS Nano, 10, 5769-5781, (2016) (Link)

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Deshmukh S. A., Narayanan B., Kamath G. K., Pol V. G., Wen J., Miller D. J., and Sankaranarayanan S., "Nanoscale Origin and Evolution of Kinetically Induced Defects in Carbon Spheres," Carbon, 96, 647-660, (2016) (Link)

Dharmapalan R., Mane A., Byrum K., Demarteau M. W., Elam J. W., May E., Wagner R., Walters D., Xia L., and Xie J., "MCP-based Photodetectors for Cryogenic Applications," J. Instrumentation, 11, C02019, (2016) (Link)

Dong R., Moore L., Aripova N., Willamson C., Schurz R., Liu Y., Ocola L. E., and Kuljanishvili I., "Bottom-up Direct Writing Approach for Controlled Fabrication of WS2/MoS2 Heterostructure Systems," RCS Adv., 6, 66589-66594, (2016) (Link)

Dong R., Moore L., Ocola L. E., and Kuljanishvili I., "Enabling Quality Interfaces with Mask-Free Approach to Selective Growth of MoS2/Graphene Stacked Structures," Adv. Mater. Interfaces, 3, 1600098, (2016) (Link)

Duncan D. S., Magyari-kope B., and Nishi Y., "Filament-Induced Anisotropic Oxygen Vacancy Diffusion and Charge Trapping Effects in Hafnium Oxide RRAM," IEEE Electr. Dev. Lett., 37, 400-403, (2016) (Link)

Duncan D. S., Magyari-kope B., and Nishi Y., "Hydrogen Doping in HfO2 Resistance Change Random Access Memory," Appl. Phys. Lett., 108, 043501-043501-5, (2016) (Link)

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Erdemir A., Ramirez G., Eryilmaz O. L., Narayanan B., Liao Y., Kamath G. K., and Sankaranarayanan S., "Carbon-based Tribofilms from Lubricating Oils," Nature, 536, 67-71, (2016) (Link)

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Galstyan A., Messaddeq S. H., Segre C. U., Galstian T., and Messaddeq Y., "Structural Analysis of Tm3 + Doped As-S-Ga Glasses by Raman and EXAFS Spectroscopy," J. Non-Cryst. Solids, 432, 487-492, (2016) (Link)

Gao L., Pal P. P., Seideman T., Guisinger N. P., and Guest J. R., "Current-Driven Hydrogen Desorption from Graphene: Experiment and Theory," J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 7, 486-494, (2016) (Link)

Gao Y., Harder R. J., Southworth S. H., Guest J. R., Scherer N. F., Yan Z., Ocola L. E., Pelton M. A., and Young L., "Bragg Diffraction from Sub-micron Particles Isolated by Optical Tweezers," AIP Conference Proceeding;, [1741], (AIP), (2016) (Link)

Gong J., Yang M., Ma X., Schaller R. D., Liu G., Kong L., Yang Y., Beard M. C., Lesslie M., Dai Y., Huang B., Zhu K., and Xu T., "Electron-Rotor Interaction in Organic-Inorganic Lead Iodide Perovskites Discovered by Isotope Effects," J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 7, 2879-2887, (2016) (Link)

Gu M., and Rondinelli J. M., "Ultrafast Band Engineering and Transient Spin Currents in Antiferromagnetic Oxides," Scientific Reports, 6, 25121 , (2016) (Link)

Guo P., Schaller R. D., Ketterson J. B., and Chang R. P., "Ultrafast Switching of Tunable Infrared Plasmons in Indium Tin Oxide Nanorod Arrays with Large Absolute Amplitude," Nature Photonics, 10, 267-273, (2016) (Link)

Guo P., Schaller R. D., Ocola L. E., Ketterson J. B., and Chang R. P., "Gigahertz Acoustic Vibrations of Elastically Anisotropic Indium-Tin-Oxide Nanorod Arrays," Nano Letters, 16, 5639-5646, (2016) (Link)

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Ha Y., Zeng Z., Cohen Y., Greeley J. P., and Gewirth A. A., "Electrochemical Surface Stress Development during CO and NO Oxidation on Pt," J. Phys. Chem. C, 120, 8683-8674, (2016) (Link)

Han F., Liu H., Malliakas C. D., Sturza M. I., Chung D., Wan X., and Kanatzidis M. G., "La1-xBi1+xS3 (x ~~ 0.08): An n-Type Semiconductor," Inorg. Chem., 55, 3547-3552, (2016) (Link)

Hensley A. J., Wang Y., and Mcewen J., "Adsorption of Guaiacol on Fe (110) and Pd (111) from First Principles," Surf. Sci., 648, 227-235, (2016) (Link)

Herron J. A., Morikawa Y., and Mavrikakis E., "Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics of Solvation Effects on Reactivity at Eelectrified Interfaces," Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 113, E4937-E4945, (2016) (Link)

Holland M., Charles N., Rondinelli J. M., and Poeppelmeier K. R., "Reconstructive Transitions from Rotations of Rigid Heteroanionic Polyhedra," J. Am. Chem. Soc., 138, 11882-11889, (2016) (Link)

Hong S., and Rahman T. S., "Geometric and Electronic Structure and Magnetic Properties of Fe-Au Nanoalloys: Insights from ab Initio Calculations," Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 17, 28177-28185, (2016) (Link)

Hu Q., Aboustait M. B., Kim T., Ley M. T., Hanan J. C., Bullard J., Winarski R. P., and Rose V., "Direct Three-dimensional Observation of the Microstructure and Chemistry of C3S Hydration," Cement Concrete Res., 88, 157-169, (2016) (Link)

Hu Q., Aboustait M. B., Kim T., Ley M., Bullard J. W., Scherer G., Hanan J. C., Rose V., Winarski R. P., and Gelb J. D., "Direct Measurements of 3d Structure, Chemistry and Mass Density During the Induction Period of C3s Hydration," Cement Concrete Res., 89, 14-26, (2016) (Link)

Hu Z. W., and Winarski R. P., "In Situ 3-D Mapping of Pore Structures and Hollow Grains of Interplanetary Dust Particles with Phase Contrast X-ray Nanotomography," Macromol. Chem. Phys., 51, 1632-1642, (2016) (Link)

Hu Z., Ma B., Li M., Koritala R. E., and Balachandran U., "Ferroelectric PLZT Thick Films Grown by Poly(1-vinylpyrrolidone-co-vinyl acetate) (PVP/VA)-modified Sol-gel Process," Materials Research Bulletin, 75, 167-171, (2016) (Link)

Huang C., Kristoffersen H. H., Gong X., and Metiu H. I., "Reactions of Molten LiI with I2, H2O, and O2 Relevant to Halogen-Mediated Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Alkanes," J. Phys. Chem. C, 120, 4931-4936, (2016) (Link)

Humayun M., Divan R. S., Liu Y., Gundel L., Solomon P. A., and Paprotny I., "Novel Chemoresistive CH4 Sensor with 10 ppm Sensitivity Based on Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Functionalized with SnO2 Nanocrystals ," J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A, 34, 01A131-1-01A131-7, (2016) (Link)

Humayun M., Divan R. S., Stan L., Rosenmann D., Gosztola D. J., Gundel L., Solomon P. A., and Paprotny I., "Ubiquitous Low-cost Functionalized Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Sensors for Distributed Methane Leak Detection," IEEE Sensors Journal, PP, 1 -1, (2016) (Link)

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Incorvati J. T., Wan L. F., Key B., Zhou D., Liao C., Fuoco L., Holland M., Wang H., Prendergast D., Poeppelmeier K. R., and Vaughey J. T., "Reversible Magnesium Intercalation into a Layered Oxyfluoride Cathode," Chem. Mater., 28, 17-20, (2016) (Link)

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Jablonski M. L., Liu S., Winkler C. R., Damodaran A. R., Grinberg I., Martin L. W., Rappe A. M., and Taheri M. L., "Asymmetric Response of Ferroelastic Domain-Wall Motion Under Applied Bias," ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8, 2935-2941, (2016) (Link)

Jiang W., Zhang W., Yu G., Jungfleisch M., Upadhyaya P., Somaily H. H., Pearson J. E., Tserkovnyak Y., Wang K. L., Heinonen O. G., G. E. Te Velthuis S., and Hoffmann A. F., "Mobile Néel Skyrmions at Room Temperature: Status and Future," AIP Advances, 6, 055602, (2016) (Link)

Jungfleisch M., Zhang W., Ding J., Jiang W., Sklenar J. N., Pearson J. E., Ketterson J. B., and Hoffmann A. F., "All-electrical Detection of Spin Dynamics in Magnetic Antidot Lattices by the Inverse Spin Hall Effect ," Appl. Phys. Lett., 108, 052403, (2016) (Link)

Jungfleisch M., Zhang W., Iacocca E., Sklenar J. N., Ding J., Jiang W., Zhang S., Pearson J. E., Novosad V., Ketterson J. B., Heinonen O. G., and Hoffmann A. F., "Dynamic Response of an Artificial Square Spin Ice," Phys. Rev. B, 93, 100401(R), (2016) (Link)

Jungfleisch M., Zhang W., Sklenar J. N., Ding J., Jiang W., Chang H., Fradin F. Y., Pearson J. E., Ketterson J. B., Novosad V., Wu M., and Hoffmann A. F., "Large Spin-Wave Bullet in a Ferrimagnetic Insulator Driven by the Spin Hall Effect," Phys. Rev. Lett., 116, 057601, (2016) (Link)

Jungfleisch M., Zhang W., Sklenar J. N., Jiang W., Pearson J. E., Ketterson J. B., and Hoffmann A. F., "Interface-driven Spin-torque Ferromagnetic Resonance by Rashba Coupling at the Interface Between Nonmagnetic Materials," Phys. Rev. B, 93, 224419-224423, (2016) (Link)

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Kandemir A., Yapicioglu H., Kinaci A., Cagin T., and Sevik C., "Thermal Transport Properties of MoS2 and MoSe2 Monolayers," Nanotechnology, 27, 055703-055708, (2016) (Link)

Kashiv Y., Austin Ii J. R., Lai B., Rose V., Vogt S., and El-muayed M., "Imaging Trace Element Distributions in Single Organelles and Subcellular Features," Scientific Reports, 6, 21437, (2016) (Link)

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Kirschner M. S., Lethiec C. M., Lin X., Schatz G. C., Chen L. X., and Schaller R. D., "Size-Dependent Coherent-Phonon Plasmon Modulation and Deformation Characterization in Gold Bipyramids and Nanojavelins," ACS Photonics, 3, 758-763, (2016) (Link)

Klinkova A., Ahmed A., Choueiri R. M., Guest J. R., and Kumacheva E., "Toward Rational Design of Palladium Nanoparticles with Plasmonically Enhanced catalytic performance," RSC Adv., 6, 47907-47911, (2016) (Link)

Kohler L., Hayes D., Hong J., Carter T. J., Shelby M. L., Fransted K. A., Chen L. X., and Mulfort K. L., "Synthesis, Structure, Ultrafast Kinetics, and Light-induced Dynamics of CuHETPHEN Chromophores ," Dalton T., 45, 9871-9883, (2016) (Link)

Kong L., Liu G., Gong J., Hu Q., Schaller R. D., Dera P., Zhang D., Liu Z., Yang W., Zhu K., Tang Y., Wang C., Wei S., Xu T., and Mao H., "Simultaneous Band-gap Narrowing and Carrier-lifetime Prolongation of Organic-inorganic Trihalide Perovskites," PNAS, 113, 8910-8915, (2016) (Link)

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Kwon S., Chattopadhyay S., Koo B., Dos Santos Claro P. C., Shibata T., Requejo F. G., Giovanetti L. J., Liu Y., Johnson C. S., Prakapenka V. B., Lee B., and Shevchenko E. V., "Oxidation Induced Doping of Nanoparticles Revealed by in Situ X‑ray Absorption Studies," Nano Letters, 16, 3738-3747, (2016) (Link)

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Lanigan D. M., and Thimsen E. J., "Contact Radius and the Insulator-Metal Transition in Films Comprised of Touching Semiconductor Nanocrystals," ACS Nano, 10, 6744-6752, (2016) (Link)

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Li X., Liu Y., Wan L., Li Z., Suh H., Ren J., Ocola L. E., Hu W., Ji S., and Nealey P. F., "Effect of Stereochemistry on Directed Self-Assembly of Poly(styrene-b-lactide) Films on Chemical Patterns," ACS Macro Lett, 5, 396-401, (2016) (Link)

Li Y., Schaller R. D., Zhu M., Walko D. A., Kim J., Ke X., Miao L., and Mao Z. Q., "Strong Lattice Correlation of Non-equilibrium Quasiparticles in a Pseudospin-1/2 Mott Insulator Sr2IrO4," Scientific Reports, 6, 19302, (2016) (Link)

Li Y., Xu R., Ren Y., Lu J., Wu H., Wang L., Miller D. J., Sun Y., Amine K., and Chen Z., "Synthesis of Full Concentration Gradient Cathode Studied by High Energy X-ray Diffraction," Nano Energy, 19, 522-531, (2016) (Link)

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Lohr T. L., Li Z., Surendran Assary R., Curtiss L. A., and Marks T. J., "Mono- and tri-ester Hydrogenolysis using Tandem Catalysis. Scope and Mechanism ," Energy Environ. Sci., 9, 550-564, (2016) (Link)

Lu J., Lee Y., Luo X., Lau K., Asadi M., Wang H., Brombosz S. M., Wen J., Zhai D., Chen Z., Miller D. J., Jeong Y., Park J., Fang Z., Kumar B., Salehi-khojin A., Sun Y., Curtiss L. A., and Amine K., "A Lithium-oxygen Battery Based on Lithium Superoxide," Nature, 529, 377-382, (2016) (Link)

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Luo Y., Gamliel S., Nijem S., Aharon S., Holt M. V., Stripe B. D., Rose V., Bertoni De Merkle M. I., Etgar L., and Fenning D. P., "Spatially Heterogeneous Chlorine Incorporation in Organic-Inorganic Perovskite Solar Cells," Chem. Mater., 28, 6536-6543, (2016) (Link)

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Ma L., Luo X., Kropf A., Wen J., Wang X., Lee S., Myers D. J., Miller D. J., Wu T., Lu J., and Amine K., "Insight into the Catalytic Mechanism of Bimetallic Platinum-Copper Core-Shell Nanostructures for Nonaqueous Oxygen Evolution Reactions," Nano Letters, 16, 781-785, (2016) (Link)

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Narayanan B., Deshmukh S. A., Shrestha L., Ariga K., Pol V. G., and Sankaranarayanan S., "Cavitation and Radicals Drive the Sonochemical Synthesis of Functional Polymer Spheres," Appl. Phys. Lett., 109, 041901, (2016) (Link)

Narayanan B., Kinaci A., Sen F. G., Davis M. J., Gray S. K., Chan M. K., and Sankaranarayanan S., "Describing the Diverse Geometries of Gold from Nanoclusters to Bulk-A First-Principles-Based Hybrid Bond-Order Potential," J. Phys. Chem. C, 120, 13787-13800, (2016) (Link)

Narayanan B., Sasikumar K., Mei Z., Kinaci A., Sen F. G., Davis M. J., Gray S. K., Chan M. K., and Sankaranarayanan S., "Development of a Modified Embedded Atom Force Field for Zirconium Nitride Using Multi-Objective Evolutionary Optimization," J. Phys. Chem. C, 120, 17475-17483, (2016) (Link)

Nayak S., Zhang H., Liu X., Feng S., Palo P., Nilsen-hamilton M., Akinc M., and Mallapragada S. K., "Protein Patterns Template Arrays of Magnetic Nanoparticles," RCS Adv., 6, 57048-57056, (2016) (Link)

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Pan B., Zhou D., Huang J., Zhang L., Burrell A. K., Vaughey J. T., Zhang Z., and Liao C., "2,5-Dimethoxy-1,4-Benzoquinone (DMBQ) as Organic Cathode for Rechargeable Magnesium-Ion Batteries," J. Electrochem. Soc., 163, A580-A583 , (2016) (Link)

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