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CNM 2019 Publications


Alameri D. B., Nasr J. R., Karbach D., Liu Y., Divan R. S., Das S., and Kuljanishvili I., "Mask-free Patterning and Selective CVD-growth of 2D-TMDCs Semiconductors", Semicond. Sci. Technol.34, 085010, (2019) (Link)

Altintas Yildirim O., "Efficient Vapor-liquid-solid Synthesis of Copper Doped Zinc Oxide (Cu:ZnO) Nanonails with Highly Homogeneous Dopant Distribution", Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing101, 238-246, (2019) (Link)

Amsterdam S. H., Stanev T. K., Zhou Q., Lou A. J., Bergeron H., Darancet P. T., Hersam M. C., Stern N. P., and Marks T. J., "Electronic Coupling in Metallophthalocyanine-Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Mixed-Dimensional Heterojunctions", ACS Nano13, 4183-4190, (2019) (Link)

Antonov S., Chen W., Lu S., Isheim D., Seidman D. N., Feng Q., Sun E., and Tin S., "The Effect of Phosphorus on the Formation of Grain Boundary Laves Phase in High-refractory Content Ni-based Superalloys", Scripta Mater.161, 44-48, (2019) (Link)

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Bai Y., Kirvassilis D., Xu L., and Mavrikakis E., "Atomic and Molecular Adsorption on Ni(111)", Surf. Sci.679, 240-253, (2019) (Link)

Bang W., Jungfleisch M., Hoffmann A. F., Giovannini L., and Ketterson J. B., "Angular-dependent Spin Dynamics of a Triad of Permalloy Macrospins", Phys. Rev. B99, 014415, (2019) (Link)

Bao J., Bugaris D. E., Zheng H., Willa K., Welp U., Chung D., and Kanatzidis M. G., "Superconductivity in Y7Ru4InGe12", Phys. Rev. Materials3, 024802, (2019) (Link)

Barrows F. P., Brajuskovic V., Petford-Long A. K., and Phatak C. M., "Emergent Magnetic Ordering and Topological Frustration in Quasicrystal Artificial Spin Ices", Phys. Rev. B99, 094424, (2019) (Link)

Bassett K. L., Warburton R. E., Deshpande S., Fister T. T., Ta K., Esbenshade J. L., Kinaci A., Chan M. K., Wiaderek K. M., Chapman K. W., Greeley J. P., and Gewirth A. A., " Operando Observations and First-Principles Calculations of Reduced Lithium Insertion in Au-Coated LiMn2O4 ", Adv. Mater. Interfaces6, 1801923, (2019) (Link)

Bates J. S., Bukowski B. C., Harris J. W., Greeley J. P., and Gounder R., "Distinct Catalytic Reactivity of Sn Substituted in Framework Locations and at Defect Grain Boundaries in Sn-Zeolites ", ACS Catal.9, 6146-6168, (2019) (Link)

Baturin S. S., Nikhar T., and Baryshev S. V., "Field Electron Emission Induced Glow Discharge in a Nanodiamond Vacuum Diode ", J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys.52, 325301, (2019) (Link)

Berndt A. J., Hwang J., Islam M., Sihn A., Urbas A. M., Ku Z., Lee S., Czaplewski D. A., Dong M., Shao Q., Wu S., Guo Z., and Ryu J., "Poly(sulfur-random-(1,3-diisopropenylbenzene)) Based Mid-wavelength Infrared Polarizer: Optical Property Experimental and Theoretical Analysis", Polymer176, 118-126, (2019) (Link)

Besteiro L. V., Yu P., Wang Z., Holleitner A. W., Hartland G. V., Wiederrecht G. P., and Govorov A., "The Fast and the Furious: Ultrafast Hot Electrons in Plasmonic Metastructures. Size and Structure Matter", Nano Today27, 120-145, (2019) (Link)

Bianconi S., Park M., and Mohseni H., "Giant Conductivity Modulation of Aluminum Oxide using Focused Ion Beam", ACS Appl. Electron. Mater.1, 1208-1214, (2019) (Link)

Bianconi S., Rezaei M., Park M., Huang W., Tan C., and Mohseni H., "Engineering the Gain-bandwidth Product of Phototransistor Diodes", Appl. Phys. Lett.115, 051104, (2019) (Link)

Bishop T. B., Farmer E. E., Sharmin A., Pacheco-Sanjuan A., Darancet P. T., and Barraza-Lopez S., "Quantum Paraelastic Two-Dimensional Materials ", Phys. Rev. Lett.122, 015703, (2019) (Link)

Brumberg A., Harvey S. M., Philbin J. P., Diroll B. T., Lee B., Crooker S. A., Wasielewski M. R., Rabani E., and Schaller R. D., "Determination of the In-Plane Exciton Radius in 2D CdSe Nanoplatelets via Magneto-optical Spectroscopy", ACS Nano13, 8589-8596, (2019) (Link)

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Cai H., Czaplewski D. A., Ogando K., Martinson A. B., Gosztola D. J., Stan L., and Lopez O., "Ultrathin Transmissive Metasurfaces for Multi-wavelength Optics in the Visible", Appl. Phys. Lett.114, 071106, (2019) (Link)

Cai H., Srinivasan S., Czaplewski D. A., Martinson A. B., Loeffler T. D., Sankaranarayanan S., and Lopez O., "Ultrathin Metasurface for the Visible Light Based on Dielectric Nanoresonators ", High Contrast Metastructures VIII;, [10928], (SPIE), (2019) (Link)

Cai J., Sun Z., Wejinya U., Zou M., Liu Y., Zhou H., and Meng X., "A Revisit to Atomic Layer Deposition of Zinc Oxide Using Diethylzinc and Water as Precursors", J. Mater. Sci.54, 5236-5248, (2019) (Link)

Cao D. H., Guo P., Mannodi Kanakkithodi A., Wiederrecht G. P., Gosztola D. J., Jeon N., Schaller R. D., Chan M. K., and Martinson A. B., "Charge Transfer Dynamics of Phase-Segregated Halide Perovskites: CH3NH3PbCl3 and CH3NH3PbI3 or (C4H9NH3)2(CH3NH3)n-1PbnI3n+1 Mixtures", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces11, 9583-9593, (2019) (Link)

Chan H. T., Cherukara M. J., Narayanan B. M., Loeffler T. D., Benmore C. J., Gray S. K., and Sankaranarayanan S., "Machine Learning Coarse Grained Models for Water", Nature Communications10, 379, (2019) (Link)

Chan H. T., Narayanan B. M., Cherukara M. J., Sen F. G., Sasikumar K., Gray S. K., Chan M. K., and Sankaranarayanan S., "Machine Learning Classical Interatomic Potentials for Molecular Dynamics from First-Principles Training Data", J. Phys. Chem. C123, 6941-6957, (2019) (Link)

Chan H. T., Sasikumar K., Srinivasan S., Cherukara M. J., Narayanan B. M., and Sankaranarayanan S., "Machine Learning a Bond Order Potential Model to Study Thermal Transport in WSe2 Nanostructures", Nanoscale11, 10381-10392, (2019) (Link)

Chen B., and Mavrikakis E., "Effects of Composition and Morphology on the Hydrogen Storage Properties of Transition Metal Hydrides: Insights from PtPd Nanoclusters", Nano Energy63, 103858, (2019) (Link)

Chen B., Kirvassilis D., Bai Y., and Mavrikakis E., "Atomic and Molecular Adsorption on Ag(111)", J. Phys. Chem. C123, 7551-7566, (2019) (Link)

Chen C., Yao W., He Q., Ashuri M., Kaduk J., Liu Y., and Shaw L. L., "Tunable LiAlO2/Al2O3 Coating through a Wet-Chemical Method To Improve Cycle Stability of Nano-LiCoO2", ACS Appl. Energy Mater.2, 3098-3113, (2019) (Link)

Chen G., Adhikari G., Spentzouris L. K., Kovi K., Antipov S. P., Jing C., Schroeder W. A., and Baryshev S. V., "Mean Transverse Energy of Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Photocathode", Appl. Phys. Lett.114, 093103, (2019) (Link)

Chen J., and Sit P., "Thermodynamic Properties of Hydrogen-Producing Cobaloxime Catalysts: A Density Functional Theory Analysis", ACS Omega4, 582-592, (2019) (Link)

Chen P., Jung I., Walko D. A., Li Z., Gao Y., Shenoy G. K., Lopez O., and Wang J., "Ultrafast Photonic Micro-systems to Manipulate Hard X-rays at 300 Picoseconds", Nature Communications10, 1158 , (2019) (Link)

Chen S. Y., Tong Y., Tseng K., Yeh J., Poplawsky J. D., Wen J., Gao M. C., Kim G., Chen W., Ren Y., Li W. D., and Liaw P. K., "Phase Transformations of HfNbTaTiZr High-entropy Alloy at Intermediate Temperatures", Scripta Mater.158, 50-56, (2019) (Link)

Chen Y., Tilka J. A., Ahn Y., Park J., Pateras A., Zhou T., Savage D. E., Mcnulty I. L., Holt M. V., Paskiewicz D. M., Fong D. D., Kuech T. F., and Evans P. G., "Seeded Lateral Solid-Phase Crystallization of the Perovskite Oxide SrTiO3", J. Phys. Chem. C123, 7447-7456, (2019) (Link)

Chen Z., De Queiros Silveira G., Ma X., Xie Y., Wu Y., Barry E. F., Rajh T., Fry H. C., Laible P. D., and Rozhkova E. A., "Light-Gated Synthetic Protocells for Plasmon-Enhanced Chemiosmotic Gradient Generation and ATP Synthesis", Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.131, 4950-4954, (2019) (Link)

Chen Z., Zhang H., Guo P., Zhang J., Tira G., Kim Y., Wu Y., Liu Y., Wen J., Rajh T., Niklas J., Poluektov O. G., Laible P. D., and Rozhkova E. A., "Semi-artificial Photosynthetic CO2 Reduction through Purple Membrane Re-engineering with Semiconductor", J. Am. Chem. Soc.141, 11811-11815, (2019) (Link)

Chung Y., Shin Y., Liu Y., Park J., Margez C. L., and Greszler T. A., "Synergetic Effect of Carbon and AlF3 Coatings on the Lithium Titanium Oxide Anode Material for High Power Lithium-ion Batteries", J. Electroanal. Chem.837, 240-245, (2019) (Link)

Cole J. M., Velazquez-Garcia J., Gosztola D. J., Grass Wang S., and Chen Y., "Light-Induced Macroscopic Peeling of Single Crystal Driven by Photoisomeric Nano-Optical Switching", Chem. Mater.31, 4927-4935, (2019) (Link)

Cook S., Letchworth-Weaver K. L., Tung I., Andersen T. K., Hong H., Marks L. D., and Fong D. D., "How Heteroepitaxy Occurs on Strontium Titanate", Science Advances5, eaav0764, (2019) (Link)

Cooper C. B., Beard E. J., Vazquez‐mayagoitia A., Stan L., Stenning G. B., Nye D. W., Vigil J. A., Tomar T., Jia J., Bodedla G. B., Chen S., Gallego L., Franco S., Carella A., Thomas K. J., Xue S., Zhu X., and Cole J. M., "Design‐to‐Device Approach Affords Panchromatic Co‐Sensitized Solar Cells", Adv. Eng. Mater.9, 1802820, (2019) (Link)

Coropceanu I., Boles M. A., and Talapin D. V., "Systematic Mapping of Binary Nanocrystal Superlattices: The Role of Topology in Phase Selection", J. Am. Chem. Soc.141, 5728-5740, (2019) (Link)

Correa-Baena J., Luo Y., Brenner T. M., Snaider J. M., Sun S., Li X., Jensen M. A., Hartono N., Nienhaus L., Wieghold S., Poindexter J. R., Wang S., Meng Y. S., Wang T., Lai B. P., Holt M. V., Cai Z., Bawendi M. G., Huang L., Buonassisi T., and Fenning D. P., "Homogenized Halides and Alkali Cation Segregation in Alloyed Organic-inorganic Perovskites", Science363, 627-631, (2019) (Link)

Cortes C., Otten M. J., and Gray S. K., "Ground-state Cooling Enabled by Critical Coupling and Dark Entangled States ", Phys. Rev. B99, 014107, (2019) (Link)

Cui Y., Zhang Y., Witkowski L., Yoon S. D., Pilla S., Beam E., Xie A., Chen S., Ketterson A., Lee C., Xie Y., Gao K., Hryn J., and Cao Y., "Monolithic Integration of Self-Biased C -Band Circulator on SiC Substrate for GaN MMIC Applications", IEEE Electr. Dev. Lett.40, 1249-1252, (2019) (Link)

Czaplewski D. A., Strachan S., Shoshani O., Shaw S. W., and Lopez O., "Bifurcation Diagram and Dynamic Response of a MEMS Resonator with a 1:3 Internal Resonance ", Appl. Phys. Lett.114, 254104, (2019) (Link)

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Demiroglu I., Peeters F. M., Gulseren O., Cakir D., and Sevik C., "Alkali Metal Intercalation in MXene/Graphene Heterostructures: A New Platform for Ion Battery Applications", J. Phys. Chem. Lett.10, 727-734, (2019) (Link)

Deng C., Ma C., Lau M., Skinner P., Liu Y., Xu W., Zhou H., Ren Y., Yin Y., Williford B., Dahl M., and Xiong H. N., "Amorphous and Crystalline TiO2 Nanoparticle Negative Electrodes for Sodium-ion Batteries", Electrochimica Acta321, 134723, (2019) (Link)

Deng J., Preissner C. A., Klug J. A., Mashrafi S., Roehrig C., Jiang Y., Yao Y., Wojcik M. J., Wyman M. D., Vine D., Yue K., Chen S., Mooney T., Wang M., Feng Z., Jin D., Cai Z. M., Lai B. P., and Vogt S., "The Velociprobe: An Ultrafast Hard X-ray Nanoprobe for High-resolution Ptychographic Imaging", Rev. Sci. Instrum.90, 083701, (2019) (Link)

Diroll B. T., and Schaller R. D., "Shape-Selective Optical Transformations of CdSe Nanoplatelets Driven by Halide Ion Ligand Exchange", Chem. Mater.31, 3556-3563, (2019) (Link)

Diroll B. T., and Schaller R. D., "Thermal Excitation Control over Photon Emission Rate of CdSe Nanocrystals", Nano Letters19, 2322-2328, (2019) (Link)

Diroll B. T., Kirschner M. S., Guo P., and Schaller R. D., "Optical and Physical Probing of Thermal Processes in Semiconductor and Plasmonic Nanocrystals", Annu. Rev. Phys. Chem.70, 353-377, (2019) (Link)

Dose W. M., Blauwkamp J., Piernas-Munoz M., Bloom I., Rui X., Klie R. F., Senguttuvan P., and Johnson C. S., "Liquid Ammonia Chemical Lithiation: An Approach for High-Energy and High-Voltage Si-Graphite|Li1+xNi0.5Mn1.5O4 Li-Ion Batteries", ACS Appl. Energy Mater.2, 5019-5028, (2019) (Link)

Dwivedi N., Yeo R. J., Dhand C., Risan J., Nay R., Tripathy S., Rajauria S., Saifullah M. S., Sankaranarayanan S., Yang H., Danner A., and Bhatia C. S., "Boosting Contact Sliding and Wear Protection Via Atomic Intermixing and Tailoring of Nanoscale Interfaces", Science Advances5, eaau7886, (2019) (Link)

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Esteban-Manzanares G., Bellon B., Martinez E., Papadimitriou I., and Llorca J., "Strengthening of Al-Cu Alloys by Guinier-Preston Zones: Predictions from Atomistic Simulations", Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids132, 103675, (2019) (Link)

Esteban-Manzanares G., Ma A., Papadimitriou I., Martínez E., and Llorca Martinez F., "Basal Dislocation/precipitate Interactions in Mg-Al alloys: An Atomistic Investigation", Model. Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng.27, 075003, (2019) (Link)

Esteban-Manzanares G., Martínez E., Segurado J., Capolungo L., and Llorca Martinez F., "An Atomistic Investigation of the Interaction of Dislocations with Guinier-Preston Zones in Al-Cu Alloys", Adv. Mater. Interfaces162, 189-201, (2019) (Link)

Evmenenko G., Warburton R. E., Yildirim H., Greeley J. P., Chan M. K., Buchholz D., Fenter P., Bedzyk M. J., and Fister T. T., "Understanding the Role of Overpotentials in Lithium Ion Conversion Reactions: Visualizing the Interface", ACS Nano13, 7825-7832, (2019) (Link)

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Fan C., Xie D., Li J., Shang Z., Chen Y., Xue S., Wang J., Li M., El-Azab A., Wang H., and Zhang X., "9R Phase Enabled Superior Radiation Stability of Nanotwinned Cu Alloys via in situ Radiation at Elevated Temperature", Acta Mater.167, 248-256, (2019) (Link)

Fong K., Jin D., Poot M., Bruch A., and Tang H. X., "Phonon Coupling between a Nanomechanical Resonator and a Quantum Fluid ", Nano Letters19, 3716-3722, (2019) (Link)

Fry H. C., De Queiros Silveira G., Cohn H. M., and Lee B., "Diverse Bilayer Morphologies Achieved via alpha-Helix-to-beta-Sheet Transitions in a Short Amphiphilic Peptide ", Langmuir35, 8961-8967, (2019) (Link)

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Gao Y., Harder R. J., Southworth S. H., Guest J. R., Huang X., Yan Z., Ocola L. E., Yifat Y., Sule N., Ho P. J., Pelton M. A., Scherer N. F., and Young L., "Three-dimensional Optical Trapping and Orientation of Microparticles for Coherent X-ray Diffraction Imaging", Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA116, 4018-4024, (2019) (Link)

Gong J., Li X., Guo P., Zhang I., Huang W., Lu K., Cheng Y., Schaller R. D., Marks T. J., and Xu T., "Energy-distinguishable Bipolar UV Photoelectron Injection from LiCl-promoted FAPbCl3 Perovskite Nanorods", J. Mater. Chem. A7, 13043-13049, (2019) (Link)

Gould B., Demas N. G., and Greco A. C., "The Influence of Steel Microstructure and Inclusion Characteristics on the Formation of Premature Bearing Failures with Microstructural Alterations", Mat. Sci. Eng. A751, 237-245, (2019) (Link)

Gould B., Demas N. G., Pollard G., Rydel J. J., Ingram M., and Greco A. C., "The Effect of Lubricant Composition on White Etching Crack Failures", Tribology Letter67, 7, (2019) (Link)

Guo P., Mannodi Kanakkithodi A., Gong J., Xia Y., Stoumpos C. C., Cao D. H., Diroll B. T., Ketterson J. B., Wiederrecht G. P., Xu T., Chan M. K., Kanatzidis M. G., and Schaller R. D., "Infrared-pump Electronic-probe of Methylammonium Lead Iodide Reveals Electronically Decoupled Organic and Inorganic Sublattices", Nature Communications10, 482, (2019) (Link)

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Han B., Liao C., Dogan F., Trask S. E., Lapidus S. H., Vaughey J. T., and Key B., "Using Mixed Salt Electrolytes to Stabilize Silicon Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries via in Situ Formation of Li-M-Si Ternaries (M = Mg, Zn, Al, Ca)", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces11, 29780-29790, (2019) (Link)

Hartmann N. F., Otten M. J., Fedin I., Talapin D. V., Cygorek M., Hawrylak P., Korkusinski M., Gray S. K., Hartschuh A., and Ma X., "Uniaxial Transition Dipole Moments in Semiconductor Quantum Rings Caused by Broken Rotational Symmetry", Nature Communications10, 3253, (2019) (Link)

He X., Fang H., Gosztola D. J., Jiang Z., Jena P., and Wang W., "Mechanistic Insight into Photocatalytic Pathways of MIL-100(Fe)/TiO2 Composites", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces11, 12516-12524, (2019) (Link)

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Hong D., Liu C., Pearson J. E., Hoffmann A. F., Fong D. D., and Bhattacharya A., "Spin Seebeck effect in insulating SrFeO3- films ", Appl. Phys. Lett.114, 242403, (2019) (Link)

Hong Y., Otten M. J., Min M., Gray S. K., and Nicholls D. P., "Periodic Corrugations to Increase Efficiency of Thermophotovoltaic Emitting Structures", Appl. Phys. Lett.114, 053901, (2019) (Link)

Hu B., Jiang S., Shkrob I. A., Zhang J., Trask S. E., Polzin B. J., Jansen A., Chen W., Liao C., Zhang Z., and Zhang L., "Understanding of Pre-lithiation of Poly(acrylic acid) Binder: Striking the Balances Between the Cycling Performance and Slurry Stability for Silicon-graphite Composite Electrodes in Li-ion Batteries", J. Power Sources416, 125-131, (2019) (Link)

Hu J., Garner A., Frankel P., Li M., Kirk M. A., Lozano-Perez S., Preuss M., and Grovenor C., "Effect of Neutron and Ion Irradiation on the Metal Matrix and Oxide Corrosion Layer on Zr-1.0Nb Cladding Alloys", Acta Mater.117, 313-326, (2019) (Link)

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Hu Y., Zhong G., Guan Y., Lee N., Zhang Y., Li Y., Mitchell T., Armstrong J. N., Benedict J., Hla S., and Ren S., "Alkali‐Metal‐Intercalated Percolation Network Regulates Self‐Assembled Electronic Aromatic Molecules", Adv. Mater.31, 1807178, (2019) (Link)

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Jeon N., Lightcap I., Mandia D. J., and Martinson A. B., "Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of TiAlN: Compositional and Optoelectronic Tunability", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, (2019) (Link)

Jiang W., Zhang S., Wang X., Phatak C. M., Wang Q., Zhang W., Jungfleisch M., Pearson J. E., Liu Y., Zang J., Cheng X., Petford-Long A. K., Hoffmann A. F., and Te Velthuis S. G., "Quantifying Chiral Exchange Interaction for Neel-type Skyrmions via Lorentz Transmission Electron Microscopy", Phys. Rev. B99, 104402 , (2019) (Link)

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Kaloni T. P., Chang K., Miller B. J., Xue Q., Chen X., Ji S., Parkin S. S., and Barraza-Lopez S., "From an Atomic Layer to the Bulk: Low-temperature Atomistic Structure and Ferroelectric and Electronic Properties of SnTe Films", Phys. Rev. B99, 134108, (2019) (Link)

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Kwon G., Cho Y., Kim K., Emery J. D., Kim I., Zhang X., Martinson A. B., and Tiede D. M., "Microfluidic Electrochemical Cell for in situ Structural Characterization of Aamorphous Thin-film Catalysts Using High-energy X-ray Scattering", J. Synchrotron Rad.26, 1600-1611, (2019) (Link)

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Lahnemann J., Hill M. O., Herranz J., Marquardt O., Gao G., Al Hassan A., Davtyan A., Hruszkewycz S. O., Holt M. V., Huang C., Calvo-Almazan I., Jahn U., Pietsch U., Lauhon L. J., and Geelhaar L., "Correlated Nanoscale Analysis of the Emission from Wurtzite versus Zincblende (In,Ga)As/GaAs Nanowire Core-Shell Quantum Wells", Nano Letters19, 4448-4457, (2019) (Link)

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Li H., Dong B., Zhang X., Shu X., Chen X., Hai R., Czaplewski D. A., Zhang H. F., and Sun C., "Disposable Ultrasound-sensing Chronic Cranial Window by Soft Nanoimprinting Lithography", Nature Communications10, 4277, (2019) (Link)

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