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CNM 2022 Publications


Ahn Y., Cherukara M. J., Cai Z. M., Bartlein M. W., Zhou T., Dichiara A. D., Walko D. A., Holt M. V., Fullerton E. E., Evans P. G., and Wen H., "X-ray Nanodiffraction Imaging Reveals Distinct Nanoscopic Dynamics of an Ultrafast Phase Transition", PNAS119, e2118597119, (2022) (Link)

Arbouch I., Cornil J., and Van Dyck C. J., "Theoretical Comparison of a Longitudinal versus a Transverse Transport Path through Diarylethene Molecular Switches", J. Phys. Chem. C126, 5675-5681, (2022) (Link)

Arnold W., Shreyas V., Li Y., Koralalage M., Jasinski J. B., Thapa A., Sumanasekera G., Ngo A. T., Narayanan B. M., and Wang H., "Synthesis of Fluorine-Doped Lithium Argyrodite Solid Electrolytes for Solid-State Lithium Metal Batteries", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces14, 11483-11492, (2022) (Link)

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Carr A. J., Lee S., and Uysal A., "Trivalent Ion Overcharging on Electrified Graphene", J. Phys. Condens. Matter34, 144001, (2022) (Link)

Cassidy J., Diroll B. T., Mondal N., Berkinsky D. B., Zhao K., Harankahage D., Porotnikov D., Gately R., Khon D., Proppe A. H., Bawendi M. G., Schaller R. D., Malko A. V., and Zamkov M., "Quantum Shells Boost the Optical Gain of Lasing Media", ACS Nano16, 3017-3026, (2022) (Link)

Cherukara M. J., and Mannodi Kanakkithodi A., "Deep Learning the Properties of Inorganic Perovskites", Model. Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng.30, 034005, (2022) (Link)

Chun H., Zeng Z., and Greeley J. P., "DFT Insights into NO Electrochemical Reduction: A Case Study of Pt(211) and Cu(211) Surfaces", ACS Catal.12, 1394-1402, (2022) (Link)

Cole J. M., Gosztola D. J., and Velazquez Garcia J. J., "Structural Capture of η1-OSO to η2-(OS)O Coordination Isomerism in a New Ruthenium-Based SO2-Linkage Photoisomer That Exhibits Single-Crystal Optical Actuation", J. Phys. Chem. C126, 6047-6059, (2022) (Link)

Conti Iii C. R., Bieber A. S., Vanorman Z. A., Moller G., Wieghold S., Schaller R. D., Strouse G. F., and Nienhaus L., "Ultrafast Triplet Generation at the Lead Halide Perovskite/Rubrene Interface", ACS Energy Lett.7, 617-623, (2022) (Link)

Coropceanu I., Janke E. M., Portner J. C., Haubold D., Nguyen T., Das A., Tanner C. P., Utterback J. K., Teitelbaum S. W., Hudson M. H., Sarma N. A., Hinkle A. M., Tassone C. J., Eychmuller A., Limmer D. T., Olivera De La Cruz M., Ginsberg N. S., and Talapin D. V., "Self-assembly of Nanocrystals into Strongly Electronically Coupled All-inorganic Supercrystals", Science375, 1422-1426, (2022) (Link)

Cortes C. L., and Gray S. K., "Quantum Krylov Subspace Algorithms for Ground- and Excited-state Energy Estimation", Phys. Rev. A105, 022417, (2022) (Link)

Cortes C. L., Pascal L., Nikolai L., Michael D. J., Neil S., Gray S. K., and Daniel O., "Sample-Efficient Adaptive Calibration of Quantum Networks Using Bayesian Optimization", Phys. Rev. Applied17, 034067, (2022) (Link)

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Dada D. C., George K., and Mochena M. D., "Quantum Plasmonics of Few Electrons in Strongly Confined Doped Semiconducting Oxide: A DFT + U Study of ZnGaO", J. Appl. Phys.131, 173101, (2022) (Link)

Diroll B. T., and Banerjee T., "Transient Reshaping of Intraband Transitions by Hot Electrons", Nanoscale14, 1340-1346, (2022) (Link)

Diroll B. T., Brumberg A., and Schaller R. D., "Gain Roll-off in Cadmium Selenide Colloidal Quantum Wells under Intense Optical Excitation", Scientific Reports12, 8016, (2022) (Link)

Diroll B. T., Jeong S., and Ye X., "Ultrafast Dynamics of Colloidal Copper Nanorods: Intraband versus Interband Excitation", Small Science2, 2100103, (2022) (Link)

Dong S., Zhang X., Nathamgari S., Krayev A., Zhang X., Hwang J., Ajayan P., and Espinosa H. D., "Facile Fabrication of 2D Material Multilayers and vdW Heterostructures with Multimodal Microscopy and AFM Characterization", Materials Today52, 31-42, (2022) (Link)

Dwivedi N., Balasubramanian K., Suha R., Manna S., Banik S., Dhand C., Kumar R., Hashmi S., Srivastava A. K., Saifullah M., and Sankaranarayanan S., "Unusual High Hardness and Load-Dependent Mechanical Characteristics of Hydrogenated Carbon-Nitrogen Hybrid Films", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces14, 20220-20229, (2022) (Link)

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George G., Shrivastava N., Moore T. L., Edwards C. S., Lin Y., Wen J., and Luo Z., "Rare-earth-doped electrospun scheelite CaWO4 nanofibers with excitation-dependent photoluminescence and high-linearity cathodoluminescence for ratiometric UV wavelength and radiation sensors", Opt. Mat.126, 112130, (2022) (Link)

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Helweh W., Flanders N. C., Wang S., Phelan B. T., Kim P., Strauss M. J., Li R. L., Kelley M. S., Kirschner M. S., Edwards D. O., Spencer A. P., Schatz G. C., Schaller R. D., Dichtel W. R., and Chen L. X., "Layered Structures of Assembled Iimine-linked macrocycles and Two-dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks Give Rise to Prolonged Exciton Lifetimes", J. Mater. Chem. C10, 3015-3026, (2022) (Link)

Hou D., Gabriel E., Graff K., Li T., Ren Y., Wang Z., Liu Y., and Xiong H., "Thermal Dynamics of P2-Na0.67Ni0.33Mn0.67O2 Cathode Materials for Sodium Ion Batteries Studied by In Situ Analysis", J. Mater. Res.37, 1156-1163, (2022) (Link)

Hudson M. H., Gupta A., Srivastava V., Janke E. M., and Talapin D. V., "Synthesis of In1-xGaxP Quantum Dots in Lewis Basic Molten Salts: The Effects of Surface Chemistry, Reaction Conditions, and Molten Salt Composition", J. Phys. Chem. C126, 1564-1580, (2022) (Link)

Hurley J. J., Meisner Q. J., Guo P., Schaller R. D., Gosztola D. J., Wiederrecht G. P., and Zhu L., "Triple Emission of 5'‐(para-R-Phenylene)vinylene-2-(2'- hydroxyphenyl)benzoxazole (PVHBO). Part II: Emission from Anions", J. Phys. Chem. A126, 1062-1075, (2022) (Link)

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Jin B., Li S., Liu Y., and Liang X., "Engineering Metal-oxide Interface by Depositing ZrO2 Overcoating on Ni/Al2O3 for Dry Reforming of Methane", Chemical Engineering Journal436, 135195, (2022) (Link)

Jing Z., Wen X., Tianshu Z., Wiederrecht G. P., and Jun L., "Unconventional Optical Properties of 2D Janus SMoSe Induced by Structural Asymmetry", 2D Materials9, 035006, (2022) (Link)

Juarez X. G., Li R., Guan J., Reese T. A., Schaller R. D., and Odom T. W., "M-Point Lasing in Hexagonal and Honeycomb Plasmonic Lattices", ACS Photonics9, 52-58, (2022) (Link)

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Kalinin S. V., Ophus C., Voyles P. M., Erni R., Kepaptsoglou D., Grillo V., Lupini A., Oxley M., Schwenker E. S., Chan M. K., Etheridge J., Li X., Han G. G., Ziadinov M., Shibata N., and Pennycook S. J., "Machine learning in scanning transmission electron microscopy", Nature Reviews Methods Primers2, (2022) (Link)

Kim J., Zhou C., Mane A. U., Suh H., Soojeong K., Shi B., Fenter P., Elam J. W., Nealey P. F., Lee B., and Fister T. T., "Structural Changes During the Conversion Reaction of Tungsten Oxide Electrodes with Tailored, Mesoscale Porosity", ACS Nano16, 5384-5392, (2022) (Link)

Kim S., Yin L., Bak S., Fister T. T., Park H., Parajuli P., Gim J., Yang Z., Klie R. F., Zapol P., Du Y., Lapidus S. H., and Vaughey J. T., "Investigation of Ca Insertion into α-MoO3 Nanoparticles for High Capacity Ca-Ion Cathodes", Nano Letters22, 2228-2235, (2022) (Link)

Kim Y., Watt J., Ma X., Ahmed T., Kim S., Kang K., Luk T. S., Hong Y., and Yoo J., "Fabrication of a Microcavity Prepared by Remote Epitaxy over Monolayer Molybdenum Disulfide", ACS Nano16, 2399-2406, (2022) (Link)

Koneru A., Batra R., Manna S., Loeffler T. D., Chan H. T., Sternberg M. G., Avarca A., Singh H., Cherukara M. J., and Sankaranarayanan S., "Multi-reward Reinforcement Learning Based Bond-Order Potential to Study Strain-Assisted Phase Transitions in Phosphorene", J. Phys. Chem. Lett.13, 1886-1893, (2022) (Link)

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Li M. K., Liu W., Luo D., Chen Z., Amine K., and Lu J., "Evidence of Morphological Change in Sulfur Cathodes upon Irradiation by Synchrotron X-rays", ACS Energy Lett.7, 577-582, (2022) (Link)

Li M., Chen W., and Zhang X., "Effect of Heat Treatment on Creep Behavior of 316 L Stainless Steel Manufactured by Laser Powder Bed Fusion", J. Nucl. Mater.559, 153469, (2022) (Link)

Li M., Omisakin O., and Young J. A., "Effect of Chemical Substitution and External Strain on Phase Stability and Ferroelectricity in Two Dimensional M2CT2 MXenes", Nanoscale14, 6970-6980, (2022) (Link)

Li X., Cuthriell S. A., Bergonzoni A., Dong H., Traore B., Stoumpos C. C., Guo P., Even J., Katan C., Schaller R. D., and Kanatzidis M. G., "Expanding the Cage of 2D Bromide Perovskites by Large A-Site Cations", Chem. Mater.34, 1132-1142, (2022) (Link)

Li Y., Barrows F. P., Mccray A. R., Cote T. R., Friedman D., Divan R. S., Petford-Long A. K., and Phatak C. M., "Geometric Control of Emergent Antiferromagnetic Order in Coupled Artificial Spin Ices", Cell Reports Physical Science3, 100846, (2022) (Link)

Li Y., Halacoglu S., Shreyas V., Arnold W., Guo X., Dou Q., Jasinski J. B., Narayanan B. M., and Wang H., "Highly Efficient Interface Stabilization for Ambient-temperature Quasi-solid-state Sodium Metal Batteries", Chemical Engineering Journal434, 134679, (2022) (Link)

Li Y., Wrobel F., Cheng Y., Yan X., Cao H., Zhang Z., Bhattacharya A., Sun J., Hong H., Wang H., Liu Y., Zhou H., and Fong D. D., "Self-healing Growth of LaNiO3 on a Mixed-Terminated Perovskite Surface", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces14, 16928-16938, (2022) (Link)

Li Y., Yefremenko V. G., Lisovenko M., Trevillian C., Polakovic T., Cecil T. W., Barry P. S., Pearson J. E., Divan R. S., Tyberkevych V., Chang C. L., Welp U., Kwok W., and Novosad V., "Coherent Coupling of Two Remote Magnonic Resonators Mediated by Superconducting Circuits", Phys. Rev. Lett.128, 047701, (2022) (Link)

Liepinya D., Shepard R., and Smeu M., "2D Ni0.25Mn0.75O2: A High-performance Cathode for Multivalent Ion Batteries", Computational Materials Science202, 110948, (2022) (Link)

Liu P., Zeng H., Czaplewski D. A., and Stern N. P., "Low Index Contrast Valley Hall Topological Photonics for Robust Transport in the Visible Spectrum", ACS Photonics9, 922-928, (2022) (Link)

Liu T., Liu Y., Yu Y., Ren Y., Sun C., Liu Y., Xu J., Liu C., Yang Z., Lu W., Ferreira P., Chao Z., and Xie J., "Approaching Theoretical Specific Capacity of Iron-rich Lithium Iron Silicate Using Graphene-incorporation and Fluorine-doping", J. Mater. Chem. A10, 4006-4014, (2022) (Link)

Liu X., Zhou X., Liu Q., Diao J., Zhao C., Li L., Liu Y., Xu W., Daali A., Harder R. J., Robinson I. K., Dahbi M., Alami J., Chen G., Xu G., and Amine K., "Multiscale Understanding of Surface Structural Effects on High-Temperature Operational Resiliency of Layered Oxide Cathodes", Adv. Mater.34, 2107326, (2022) (Link)

Lyu X., Wu X., Liu Y., Huang W., Lee B., and Li T., "Synthesis and Characterization of Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles Loaded with Pt Catalysts", Catalysts12, 183, (2022) (Link)

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Maharjan S., Yun Y., Okello V. A., Wiederrecht G. P., Gosztola D. J., and Ayitou A., "Photometric Sensing of Heavy Metal Ions using a Naphthoquinodimethyl-bis-thioamide Dye: Selectivity & Photophysics of the Metal Organic Complexes", Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology A: Chemistry424, 113648, (2022) (Link)

Manna S., Loeffler T. D., Batra R., Banik S., Chan H. T., Varughese B., Sasikumar K., Sternberg M. G., Peterka T., Cherukara M. J., Gray S. K., Sumpter B. G., and Sankaranarayanan S., "Learning in Continuous Action Space for Developing High Dimensional Potential Energy Models", Nature Communications13, 368, (2022) (Link)

Mannodi Kanakkithodi A., and Chan M. K., "Data-driven Design of Novel Halide Perovskite Alloys", Energy Environ. Sci.15, 1930, (2022) (Link)

Mannodi Kanakkithodi A., Xiang X., Jacoby L., Biegaj R., Dunham S. T., Gamelin D. R., and Chan M. K., "Universal machine learning framework for defect predictions in zinc blende semiconductors", Patterns3, 100450, (2022) (Link)

Martinez C., Guevara Vela J. M., and Llorca Martinez F., "Understanding the effect of mechanical strains on the catalytic activity of transition metals", Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.24, 4832-4842, (2022) (Link)

Medjahed A. A., Zhou T., Quiceno J., Dally P., Pochet P., Schulli T. U., Djurado D., Reiss P., and Pouget S., "Microstructure of Methylammonium Lead iodide Perovskite Thin Films: A Comprehensive Study of the Strain and Texture", Adv. Eng. Mater.12, 2103627, (2022) (Link)

Meisner Q. J., Hurley J. J., Guo P., Blood A. R., Schaller R. D., Gosztola D. J., Wiederrecht G. P., and Zhu L., "Triple Emission of 5'‐(para-R-Phenylene)vinylene-2-(2'- hydroxyphenyl)benzoxazole (PVHBO). Part I: Dual Emission from the Neutral Species", J. Phys. Chem. A126, 1033-1061, (2022) (Link)

Melendez J. J., and Cantarero A., "Polarization-dependent Excitons and Plasmon Activity in Nodal-line Semimetal ZrSiS", Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.24, 1860-1868, (2022) (Link)

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Nagelj N., Brumberg A., Peifer S. E., Schaller R. D., and Olshansky J. H., "Compositionally Tuning Electron Transfer from Photoexcited Core/Shell Quantum Dots via Cation Exchange", J. Phys. Chem. Lett.13, 3209-3216, (2022) (Link)

Nathaniel Ii J. E., Suri P. K., Hopkins E. M., Wen J., Baldo P. M., Kirk M. A., and Taheri M. L., "Grain Boundary Strain as a Determinant of Localized Sink Efficiency", Acta Mater.226, 117624, (2022) (Link)

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Osterberg J. A., Milanes J., Morris J., and Wang P., "Detection of Trypanosoma Brucei by Microwave Cytometry", Sensors and Actuators Reports4, 100074, (2022) (Link)

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Pacheco E., Zhou B., Aldalbahi A., Zhou A. F., and Feng P. X., "Zero-biased and Visible-blind UV Photodetectors Based on Nitrogen-doped Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Nanowires", Ceramics International48, 3757-3761, (2022) (Link)

Parkin C. A., Michael M., Mohammed E., Zhang X., Pengyuan X., He L., Mukesh B., Kumar S., and Adrien C., "Phase Stability, Mechanical Properties, and Ion Irradiation Effects in Face-centered Cubic CrFeMnNi Compositionally Complex Solid-solution Alloys at High Temperatures", J. Nucl. Mater.565, 153733, (2022) (Link)

Pelucarte K. D., Hatchell T. A., George G., Sivasankara R., Menuka A., Lin Y., Wen J., Luo Z., and Shubo H., "Electrospun Porous La-Sr-Co-Ni-O Nanofibers for Highly Sensitive Non-enzymatic Glucose Detection", Materials Advances3, 2096-2103, (2022) (Link)

Pereyaslavets L., Kamath G. K., Butin O., Illarionov A., Olevanov M., Banik S., Chan H. T., Sternberg M. G., Sankaranarayanan S., Crawford B., Potoff J. J., Levitt M., Kornberg R. D., and Fain B., "Accurate Determination of Solvation Free Energies of Neutral Organic Compounds from First Principles", Nature Communications13, 414, (2022) (Link)

Polak M. P., Jacobs R., Mannodi Kanakkithodi A., Chan M. K., and Morgan D. D., "Machine learning for impurity charge-state transition levels in semiconductors from elemental properties using multi-fidelity datasets", J. Chem. Phys.156, 114110, (2022) (Link)

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Qian K., Yu Z., Liu Y., Gosztola D. J., Winans R. E., Cheng L., and Li T., "Understanding Fluorine-free Electrolytes via Small-angle X-ray Scattering", J. Energy Chemistry70, 340-346, (2022) (Link)

Qiao Z., Shi X., Yao Y., Wojcik M. J., Rebuffi L., Cherukara M. J., and Assoufid L., "Real-time X-ray phase-contrast imaging using SPINNet-a speckle-based phase-contrast imaging neural network", Optica9, 391-398, (2022) (Link)

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Roesner E. K., Asheghali D., Kirillova A., Strauss M. J., Evans A. M., Becker M. L., and Dichtel W. R., "Arene-perfluoroarene Interactions Confer Enhanced Mechanical Properties to Synthetic Nanotubes", Chem. Sci.13, 2475-2480, (2022) (Link)

Ryu B., Wang L., Pu H., Chan M. K., and Chen J., "Understanding, Discovery, and Synthesis of 2D Materials Enabled by Machine Learning", Chem. Soc. Rev.51, 1899-1925, (2022) (Link)

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Schwenker E. S., Kolluru V., Guo J., Zhang R., Hu X., Li Q., Paul J. T., Hersam M., Dravid V. P., Klie R. F., Guest J. R., and Chan M. K., "Ingrained: An Automated Framework for Fusing Atomic-Scale Image Simulations into Experiments", Small18, 2102960, (2022) (Link)

Secondo R., Ball A., Diroll B. T., Fomra D., Ding K., Avrutin V., Ozgur U., Demchenko D. O., Khurgin J. B., and Kinsey N. G., "Deterministic Modeling of Hybrid Nonlinear Effects in Epsilon-near-zero Thin Films", Appl. Phys. Lett.120, 031103, (2022) (Link)

Shi F., Wang Y., Wen J., and Wang K., "Metamorphism-facilitated Faulting in Deforming Orthopyroxene: Implications for Global Intermediate-depth Seismicity", PNAS119, 1-11, (2022) (Link)

Shrestha S., Li X., Tsai H., Hou C., Huang H., Ghosh D., Shyue J., Wang L., Tretiak S., Ma X., and Nie W., "Long carrier diffusion length in two-dimensional lead halide perovskite single crystals", Chem8, 1107-1120, (2022) (Link)

Sobrin J., Anderson A., Bender A. N., Benson B., Dutcher D., Foster A., Yoon K. W., and Young M. R., "The Design and Integrated Performance of SPT-3G", Astrophysical Journ.258, 42, (2022) (Link)

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Talaat A., Phatak C. M., Byerly K., Mchenry M. E., and Ohodnicki P. R., "Nanostructure Refinement and Phase Formation of Flash Annealed FeNi-based Soft Magnetic Alloys", Materials Research Bulletin152, 111839, (2022) (Link)

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Wang N., Zhao X., Zhang R., Yu S., Levell Z. H., Wang C., Ma S., Zou P., Han L., Qin J., Ma L., Liu Y., and Xin H., "Highly Selective Oxygen Reduction to Hydrogen Peroxide on a Carbon-Supported Single-Atom Pd Electrocatalyst", ACS Catal.12, 4156-4164, (2022) (Link)

Wang S., Morgan E. E., Panuganti S., Mao L., Vishnoi P., Wu G., Liu Q., Kanatzidis M., Schaller R. D., and Seshadri R., "Ligand Control of Structural Diversity in Luminescent Hybrid Copper(I) Iodides", Chem. Mater.34, 3206-3216, (2022) (Link)

Wang X., Cai J., Ren Y., Benamara M., Zhou X., Li Y., Chen Z., Zhou H., Xiao X., Liu Y., and Meng X., "High-performance LiNi0.8Mn0.1Co0.1O2 cathode by nanoscale lithium sulfide coating via atomic layer deposition", J. Energy Chemistry69, 531-540, (2022) (Link)

Weßels T., Kovacs A., Gliga S., Finizio S., Caron J., and Dunin-Borkowski R. E., "Quantitative Imaging of the Magnetic Field Distribution in an Artificial Spin Ice Studied by Off-axis Electron Holography", J. Magnetism Magn. Mater.543, 168535, (2022) (Link)

Wu D., Zhu Y., Shan W., Wang J., Liu Q., and Zhou G., "Revealing an Intermediate Cu-O/OH Superstructure on Cu(110)", J. Phys. Chem. Lett.13, 2396-2403, (2022) (Link)

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Xianjing Z., Koolstra G., Zhang X., Yang G., Han X., Dizdar B., Li X., Divan R. S., Wei G., Kater M. W., Schuster D. I., and Jin D., "Single Electrons on Solid Neon as a Solid-state Qubit Platform", Nature605, 46-50, (2022) (Link)

Xiong L., Chuang C., Thomas J., Prost T., White E., Anderson I., and Singh D., "Defect and Satellite Characteristics of Additive Manufacturing Metal Powders", Adv. Powder Technology33, 103486, (2022) (Link)

Xu G., Liu X., Zhou X., Zhao C., Hwang I., Daali A., Yang Z., Ren Y., Sun C., Chen Z., Liu Y., and Amine K., "Native Lattice Strain Induced Structural Earthquake in Sodium Layered Oxide Cathodes", Nature Communications13, 436, (2022) (Link)

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Yang Z., Charalambous H., Lin Y., Trask S. E., Yu L., Wen J., Jansen A., Tsai Y., Wiaderek K. M., Ren Y., and Bloom I., "Extreme Fast Charge Aging: Correlation Between Electrode Scale and Heterogeneous Degradation in Ni-rich Layered Cathodes", J. Power Sources621, 230961, (2022) (Link)

Yu Z., Yao H., Yang Y., Yuan M., Li C., He H., Chan T., Yan D., Ma S., Zapol P., and Kanatzidis M. G., "MoOxSy/Ni3S2 Microspheres on Ni Foam as Highly Efficient, Durable Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction", Chem. Mater.34, 798-808, (2022) (Link)

Yun Y., Manna M. K., Kamatham N., Li J., Liu S., Peccati F., Pemberton B. C., Wiederrecht G. P., Gosztola D. J., Jimenez-Oses G., Rogachev A., and Ayitou A., "Synthesis and Photophysics of Phenylene Based Triplet Donor-Acceptor Dyads: ortho vs. para Positional Effect on Intramolecular Triplet Energy Transfer", Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology10, 100112, (2022) (Link)

Yun Y., Peccati F., Wiederrecht G. P., Gosztola D. J., Diroll B. T., Jimenez-Oses G., and Ayitou A. J., "Triplet Photodynamic and Up-conversion Luminescence in Donor-acceptor Dyads with Slip-stacked vs. Co-facial Arrangement", J. Mater. Chem. C10, 7093-7102, (2022) (Link)

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Zhang B., Snezhko A., and Sokolov A. V., "Guiding Self-Assembly of Active Colloids by Temporal Modulation of Activity", Phys. Rev. Lett.128, 018004, (2022) (Link)

Zhang H., Park T., Isla A., Tran D. S., Manna S., Wang Q., Mondal S., Yu H., Banik S., Cheng S., Zhou H., Gamage S., Mahapatra S., Zhu Y., Abate Y., Jiang N., Sankaranarayanan S., Sengupta A., Teuscher C., and Ramanathan S., "Reconfigurable Perovskite Nickelate Electronics for Artificial Intelligence", Science375, 533-539, (2022) (Link)

Zhang X., Zhang X., Ajayan P. M., Wen J., and Espinosa H. D., "Edge-Mediated Annihilation of Vacancy Clusters in Monolayer Molybdenum Diselenide (MoSe2) under Electron Beam Irradiation", Small18, 2105194, (2022) (Link)

Zheng J., Xue X., Ji C., Yuan Y., Sun K., Rosenmann D., Wang L., Wu J., Campbell J., and Guha S., "Dynamic-quenching of a Single-photon Avalanche Photodetector using an Adaptive Resistive Switch", Nature Communications13, 1517, (2022) (Link)

Zhou J., Lai J., Menda G., and Miles R. N., "Outsourced hearing in an orb-weaving spider that uses its web as an auditory sensor", PNAS119, 2122789119, (2022) (Link)

Zhu Y., Wu D., Li C., Tong X., Boscoboinik J., Sadowski J. T., and Zhou G., "Atomistic mechanisms of the initial oxidation of stepped Cu 3 Au ( 100 )", Phys. Rev. B105, 075422, (2022) (Link)