Argonne National Laboratory

Safety at Work

As a staff member or user at the Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM), you need to be aware of safety regulations at Argonne National Laboratory. You are also required to have taken any safety, orientation, and training classes or courses specified by your User Work Approval(s) and/or work planning and control documents prior to beginning your work.

For safety and security reasons, it is necessary to know of all facility users present in the CNM (Buildings 440 and 441).  Users are required to scan their badge at the entryway kiosks upon entering and leaving.

Some detailed emergency information is provided on the Argonne National Laboratory web site.

Brief instructions and general guidelines follow.

Emergency Contacts

When onsite, use these emergency numbers to contact Argonne's Protective Force:

  • From Argonne phones, dial 9-1-1.
  • From cell phones or pay phones on site, call (630) 252-1911.

Nonemergency Contacts

  • From Argonne phones, call the Argonne Fire Department at ext. 2-6131.
  • From cell phones or pay phones, contact the Argonne Fire Department at (630) 252-6131.

Site Alarms

  • Outdoor sirens mean take shelter immediately.
  • Sitewide public address system warnings are preceded by a 20-second tone. Listen to the warning message that follows the tone.
  • Building alarms announce building-specific emergencies. Listen for a building-specific message or, if there is no message, evacuate the building.
  • Outdoor sirens are tested the first Tuesday of each month at 10:00 a.m.

Tornado Shelters

Tornado shelters are marked with signs. Under a tornado watch, identify the location of your nearest shelter. Under a tornado warning, go to shelter immediately and remain until an all-clear is issued. CNM tornado shelters are the first and second floor washrooms, corridor D104 east end, corridor B113 east end, and corridor B124 midpoint.

Medical Emergencies

Dial 911 in cases of injury, illness, or medical emergency. For non-Argonne employees, the Argonne Fire Department will respond and provide transportation to an offsite medical facility. If non-Argonne employees enter the Argonne Medical Department with an injury, illness, or medical emergency, they will be given minimal treatment and the Fire Department will provide transportation to an offsite medical facility. Users are expected to carry their own health insurance for treatment at offsite medical facilities.

Fire Safety at Argonne

  • Dial: 9-1-1
  • Fight: fight the fire only so long as you do not endanger your own safety and following guidelines provided in ESH108440.

Further Information

Contact Ron Tollner, Hua Chen, or Argonne's Emergency Management Officer at 2-5991 with additional questions or requests for more information.