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Deborah Myers - chemist

Deborah Myers

- Chemical Sciences and Engineering

Deborah Myers leads the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Materials Group in the Catalysis and Energy Conversion theme of Argonne’s Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division.

Her research focuses on materials development and characterization to improve the durability, lower the cost, and reduce the size and weight of fuel cell power and hydrogen production systems, including the following projects:  non-Pt cathode electrocatalysts for polymer electrolyte fuel cells, ethanol electro-oxidation catalysts, cathode electrocatalyst degradation mechanisms, in situ X-ray studies of polymer electrolyte fuel cell cathode electrocatalysts, and studies of polymer electrolyte fuel cell stacks and membrane-electrode assemblies for transportation applications.

Awards, Honors, and Memberships

  • DOE Hydrogen Program R&D Award for solid oxide fuel cell and water-gas shift catalysis development (2004)
  • DOE National Laboratory Fuel Cell R&D Award for Autothermal Fuel Processing Technology for Automotive Fuel Cells (2000)

Publications & Patents

  • Journal Publications & Book Chapters: 24
  • U.S. Patents: 3