Argonne National Laboratory

Frank Lenkszus, Senior Electronics Engineer

Frank Lenkszus

Electronics Engineer
- APS Engineering Support

Frank Lenkszus has 43 years experience in general data acquisition and control systems, and 19 years specific experience in accelerator control/timing systems. Lenkszus joined Argonne in 1965 as a staff member of the Electronics Division, serving as group leader and then section head of the Data Acquisition and Controls Section from 1976 to 1989.

He joined the Controls Group of the Advanced Photon Source in 1989 as an electronics engineer and was promoted to senior electronics engineer in 2002.

Lenkszus is the author or coauthor of 65 publications in the timing, feedback, data acquisition and controls area. (He is also a registered member of the Illinois Bar, status inactive.)

Awards, Honors and Memberships

  • NFS Fellowship to pursue MSEE – 1964
  • IR100 Award for the Masked Multichannel Analyzer
  • Argonne Distinguished Performance Award For Work on the APS Fast Feedback System (2000)
  • One Patent: “Masked Multichannel Scaler”, #4,583,183, D. C. Kroop, F. R. Lenkszus, M. K. McGee and A. L. Winiecki