Argonne National Laboratory

Harry Weerts, Associate Laboratory Director, Physical Sciences and Engineering

Harry Weerts

Associate Laboratory Director
- Physical Sciences and Engineering

Harry Weerts is the Associate Laboratory Director for Physical Sciences and Engineering. He oversees Argonne’s interdisciplinary research programs in physics, chemistry, material science and nanotechnology. Weerts was formerly Director of Argonne’s High Energy Physics division, and prior to that, a collider physicist at Fermilab, where he was the spokesman for the Dzero experiment for six years.

Weerts has worked in neutrino physics at CERN and hadron collider physics at the Tevatron with the Dzero experiment. The emphasis in collider physics was on understanding the strong interaction (QCD) and top quarks including the discovery of the top quark.

Since 2004, he has concentrated on linear collider physics and is engaged in one of the detector concepts for a linear collider. Previously, Weerts spent 23 years on the physics faculty at Michigan State University, with extended stays at Fermilab.


  • B.S, University RWTH Aachen, German, 1975
  • Ph.D., University RWTH Aachen, Germany, 1981

Awards, Honors, and Memberships

  • American Physical Society (APS)
  • APS Fellow