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Ian McNulty

Ian McNulty

Group Leader, X-Ray Microscopy and Senior Scientist
- Nanoscience and Technology

Ian McNulty is a Group Leader, X-Ray Microscopy, and Senior Scientist at the Center for Nanoscale Materials. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from Stony Brook University in New York in 1991 and an Enrico Fermi Scholar postdoctoral fellowship under Dr. Efim Gluskin at the Advanced Photon Source (APS).

Awards, Honors and Memberships

  • European Union Marie Curie Senior Scientist Fellowship, 2005
  • Argonne National Laboratory Director’s Award, 2001
  • Argonne National Laboratory Enrico Fermi Scholar, 1991
  • Antarctic Service Medal, National Science Foundation, 1984
  • Presidential Award for Antarctic Winter-over Service, 1983