Argonne National Laboratory

Jordi Roglans-Ribas

Division Director
- Nuclear Engineering

Jordi Roglans-Ribas is the Director of Argonne’s Nuclear Engineering Division. He is a senior nuclear engineer and has been with Argonne since 1987.

Roglans-Ribas is also the Argonne Program Director for the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Global Threat Reduction Initiative Reactor Conversion program. The program’s mission is to minimize, and to the extent possible eliminate, the use of highly enriched uranium in civil applications by converting research and test reactors to the use of low-enriched uranium (LEU) fuel and targets for the production of medical isotopes. The program develops and qualifies high-density LEU fuel to enable reactor conversion, develops methods and performs analysis to support reactor conversion and licensing, and develops technologies to enable the use of LEU for production of molybdenum-99 for medical applications.

Previous assignments include:

  • Deputy Director, Argonne’s Nuclear Engineering Division;
  • Associate Director of Argonne’s Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative Program;
  • Technical Director of the International Expert Group for the development of assessment methodologies for proliferation resistance and physical protection of Generation IV nuclear energy systems;
  • Co-chair of the Evaluation Methodology Group of the Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems Technology Roadmap; and
  • U.S. system integration manager and co-chair of the Generation IV International Forum Steering Committee for the Sodium Fast Reactor (SFR).

Roglans-Ribas has worked as project manager in the Plant Safety Evaluation element of the Department of Energy’s International Nuclear Safety Program, leading projects in safety analyses and computational tool validation for Russian-designed nuclear power plants, as well as analysis of SFRs and associated facilities.

Awards, Honors and Memberships

  • Secretary of Energy Achievement Award, U.S. Department of Energy, 2009
  • Office of Global Threat Reduction, Award for Outstanding Achievement, U.S. Department of Energy, for contributions to the GTRI-Reactor Conversion program, 2011