Argonne National Laboratory

Richard Brotzman

Principal Nanotechnology Development Engineer
- Energy Systems

Richard Brotzman is a principal nanotechnology development engineer in Argonne’s Energy Systems Division. His research and industrial experience focus is nanostructured materials and processes for applications such as “exchange-spring” magnets; chemically reactive heat transfer fluids; water purification membranes; process separations; nanoparticle synthesis and surface-treatment; nanoparticle dispersion and formulation for polymer additives and CMP; oxygen-storage catalysts; self-assembled, bi-continuous PV composites; and dielectric energy-storage materials. Prior to working at Argonne, Brotzman was a technology and market research consultant for Lux Research Corporation, where he was responsible for primary research on emerging technologies and targeted market evaluation.

While at Lux, Brotzman was the chief technology officer of Nanophase Technologies. He was responsible for technical leadership and served as the focal point for future technology evolution and strategic initiatives. 

Brotzman is an American Society for Quality (ASQ) six-sigma green belt, solving quality problems and involved in quality improvement projects.

Awards, Honors and Memberships

  • Second Place, The Chicago Clean Energy Trust Competition to identify the most innovative clean energy ideas in Illinois, 2011
  • Entrepreneur of the Year for 1998, Research Directors’ Association of Chicago, 1998


Publications and Patents

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