Argonne National Laboratory

Robert Hill

Technical director
- Nuclear Engineering

Dr. Robert Hill is Technical Director of the Nuclear Engineering Division of Argonne National Laboratory. He has been Head of the Nuclear Systems Analysis Department with supervision of research groups working on reactor physics analysis, advanced modeling and simulation, fuel cycle and systems dynamics modeling, criticality safety, and nuclear data. He has worked at Argonne National Laboratory for the last 22 years with research focus on reactor physics, fast reactor core design, plutonium disposition, and waste management.

Dr. Hill is National Technical Director for multi-laboratory fast reactor R&D activities in current U.S. Department of Energy Programs; this work includes modeling and simulation, advanced structural materials, energy conversion technology, nuclear data, and system integration. He also serves as U.S. technical representative for the Generation-IV Sodium Cooled Fast Reactor. Previous Program contributions include extensive transmutation and fuel cycle analysis activities in the DOE Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative.