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Stephen Pratt

Stephen Pratt

- Chemical Sciences and Engineering

Stephen Pratt is a senior chemist and leader of the Gas-Phase Chemical Dynamics Group within the Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division.  This group is focused on exploring fundamental aspects of chemistry relevant to combustion, including thermochemistry, kinetics, dynamics and modeling, and on developing new theoretical and experimental methods to enable this research. His own work is focused on experimental photodissociation and photoionization dynamics as a means to study energy flow within isolated, highly excited molecules.


Awards, Honors, and Memberships

  • Visiting Professor, Laboratoire Aime Cotton, Universite de Paris Sud (Orsay, France) March, 2003
  • American Physical Society “Outstanding Referee” 2008
  • Visiting Scientist, Laboratoire Collisions Agrégats Réactivité, CNRS (Toulouse, France) Oct-Nov, 2008, and Oct-Nov, 2009
  • American Physical Society (Fellow)
  • American Chemical Society
  • Optical Society of America

Publications & Patents

  • More than 130 refereed articles published