Argonne National Laboratory

Yugang Sun, Scientist

Yugang Sun

- Center for Nanoscale Materials

Yugang Sun’s research interests focus on developing novel approaches for the synthesis of a wide range of nanostructures including metal nanoparticles with well-controlled morphologies, single-crystal semiconductor nanostructures with mechanical flexibility, and metal/semiconductor nanocomposites with multiple functionalities.

These nanomaterials offer unique optical, electrical, and mechanical properties which make them uniquely suited for many applications including efficient solar energy conversion, energy storage, photocatalysis, wearable electronic textiles, sensing, and medical therapy.

His interests also include development of novel devices that exploit the superb performance of the as-synthesized nanomaterials.

Awards, Honors and Memberships

  • Member of Materials Research Society, American Chemical Society
  • 2007 Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers