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The Chemical Sciences and Engineering (CSE) Division hosts a weekly seminar and colloquia series Tuesdays at 11am.  The series provides a forum to discuss and learn about new discoveries, concepts, and ideas in areas of interest to CSE and Argonne researchers.

             If you any questions or inquiries please contact pkolpacki@​anl.​gov


                2023 CSE Colloquium & Seminar Schedule

January 10 Pavan Badami EES/Engineering Research
  Jiyu Cai EES/Technology Development
February 14 Abhay Gupta EES/Materials & Modeling Support
  Danielle Hutchinson AGSS/Heavy Element Chemistry
March 14 Justin Hoffman FI/Solar Conversion
  Seung Eun Lee AGSS/Separation Science
March 24 Ian Sims Institute de Physique Rennes
April 11 Eliot Woods EES/Advanced Electrolyte Research
  Abhas Deva EES/Engineering Research
April 20 Martin Winter  University of Munster
May 9 Caleb Aaron Calvary EES/Engineering Research 
  Claire Wei-Ju Chang  FI/Solar Conversion
June 5 Stefan Stoll University of Washington
June 13 Kaustav Dey FI/Solar Conversion
  Uddhav Kanbur CEC/Catalysis Research
June 27 Tirupathi Malavath FI/Solar Conversion
  Julia Neumann AGSS/Interfacial Processes
July 11 Hala Atallah FI/Solar Conversion
  Sohyun Park EES/Interfacial Chemistry
July 18 Rebecca Fushimi  Idaho National Lab 
July 25 John Stanton University of Florida
July 25 Tyler Haddock FI/Solar Conversion
  Devashish Salpekar EES/Engineering Research 
August 8 Md Anwar Hossain EES/Advanced Electrolyte Research
  Yeonjun Jeong FI/Chemical Dynamics
August 22 Brittany Bonnett AGSS/Separation Science
  Kacee Lynn Caster FI/Chemical Dynamics
September 12 Lihong Gao EES/Advanced Electrolyte Research
  Wade Henke FI/Solar Conversion
October 10 Haoyu Liu EES/Interfacial Chemistry
  Dezhen Wu EES/Advanced Electrolyte Research
November 14 Derrick Poe AGSS/Separation Science
  Subhadip Mallick EES/Materials Research
December 12 Xiaoyu Wang AGSS/Separation Science
  Jacklyn Hall CEC/Catalysis Research