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The Chemical Sciences and Engineering (CSE) Division hosts a weekly seminar and colloquia series Tuesdays at 11am.  The series provides a forum to discuss and learn about new discoveries, concepts, and ideas in areas of interest to CSE and Argonne researchers.

             If you any questions or inquiries please contact pkolpacki@​anl.​gov


                2021 CSE Colloquium & Seminar Schedule


06/15/2021   How to Plan, Write & Defend a Successful FWP” presented by Paul Fenter

06/22/2021  Postdoctoral Seminars presented by Lily Robertson & Tianzhu Qin

06/30/2021  Understanding & Planning for Promotion” presented by Stephen Gray

07/13/2021  Postdoctoral Seminars presented by Ryan Witzke & Jiantao Li & Darren Discoll

07/20/2021  Best Practices for a Successful APS User Proposal presented by Tim Fister

07/20/2021  CSE Division’s Postdoctoral Science Competition

07/27/2021  Postdoctoral Seminars presented by  Colin Banyon & Raju Kumal

08/10/2021  Postdoctoral Seminars presented by Yunya Zhang & Adam Fouda

08/12/2021 Effective Time Optimization and Organization Skills” presented by Dr. Hannah Lundberg of Rush University Medical Center

08/24/2021  Postdoctoral Seminars presented by Feng Gao & Minkyu Kim

09/14/2021  Postdoctoral Seminars presented by Clayton Mulvihill & Mingfu He

10/12/2021  Postdoctoral Seminars presented by Ryu Byunghoon & Ritesh Uppuluri

11/09/2021  Postdoctoral Seminars presented by Zhe Liu & Sarah Elliot

12/14/2021  Postdoctoral Seminars presented by Noel Leon