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The Chemical Sciences and Engineering (CSE) Division hosts a weekly seminar and colloquia series Tuesdays at 11am.  The series provides a forum to discuss and learn about new discoveries, concepts, and ideas in areas of interest to CSE and Argonne researchers.

             If you any questions or inquiries please contact Ann Bertling 


                2021 CSE Colloquium & Seminar Schedule


06/15/2021   How to Plan, Write & Defend a Successful FWP” presented by Paul Fenter

06/22/2021  Postdoctoral Seminars presented by Lily Robertson & Tianzhu Qin

06/30/2021  Understanding & Planning for Promotion” presented by Stephen Gray

07/13/2021  Postdoctoral Seminars presented by Ryan Witzke & Jiantao Li & Darren Discoll

07/20/2021  Best Practices for a Successful APS User Proposal presented by Tim Fister

07/20/2021  CSE Division’s Postdoctoral Science Competition

07/27/2021  Postdoctoral Seminars presented by  Colin Banyon & Raju Kumal

08/10/2021  Postdoctoral Seminars presented by Yunya Zhang & Adam Fouda

08/12/2021 Effective Time Optimization and Organization Skills” presented by Dr. Hannah Lundberg of Rush University Medical Center

08/24/2021  Postdoctoral Seminars presented by Feng Gao & Minkyu Kim

09/14/2021  Postdoctoral Seminars presented by Clayton Mulvihill & Mingfu He

10/12/2021  Postdoctoral Seminars presented by Ryu Byunghoon & Ritesh Uppuluri

11/09/2021  Postdoctoral Seminars presented by Zhe Liu & Sarah Elliot

12/14/2021  Postdoctoral Seminars presented by Noël Leon