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Chemical Sciences and Engineering

Heavy Element Chemistry and Separation Science

Scientists in CSE are studying heavy element structural chemistries, both in solution and in the solid state. Our results are informing fundamental behaviors relevant to inorganic, physical, and materials chemistries, as well as separations and environmental sciences. 

Patented technologies from CSE include:

  • Method for magnetically enhanced phase separation for solvent extraction. The method relates to isolating and purifying metal-containing solutions using magnets and is effective for retrieving desired materials from low grade ores and other industrial applications for solvent extraction. US patent 10,322,417.
  • Method for solvent extraction of plutonium colloids and other oxide nanoparticles. This method facilitates isolation of colloidal plutonium in spent nuclear fuel without the formation of crud or unwanted emulsions. US patent 8,741,237.

For further information on these and other Argonne technologies with worldwide impact, go to Science and Technology Partnerships and Outreach.