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Educational Programs and Outreach

Aqsa School ESRP 2018

How Modern Batteries Work: The Effect of Particle Size on Battery Performance


  • Students:
    • Amineh Ayyad
    • Zahrah Bennett
    • Amani Khatib
    • Amatullah Mir
    • Sahrish Mirjat
    • Malaak Yehya
    • Shadin Zayyad
    • Hanna Ziyad
  • Teachers:
    • Ghada Ali
  • Mentors:
    • Olaf Borkiewicz (Argonne National Laboratory, Sector 11-ID-B)
    • Kamila Wiaderek (Argonne National Laboratory, Sector 11-ID-B)

Advanced Photon Source Sector 11: Structural Science Group

The purpose of this experiment is to observe how the change in battery structure, specifically cathode material, may amplify or reduce the performance of a coin battery. In this experiment, we constructed and assembled three different samples of coin batteries. In each sample, we used a different cathode material. Then, we utilized the APS beamline to test our samples and observe their different x-ray diffraction patterns or fingerprints.” We used a commercial battery as our control.

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