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Applications Open for Undergraduate Interns to Immerse Themselves in Argonne’s Groundbreaking Summer Research Programs and Unlock Their STEM Potential

Taking Your Next Step Forward in being a Professional STEM Pipeline

Argonne’s undergraduate summer programs, now open for applications, provide a rich range of opportunities for students to experience scientific research firsthand and build the skills, connections, and goals to propel them into professional STEM careers.

As part of Argonne’s dedicated mission to develop comprehensive STEM pathways for the next generation of scientists and engineers, Educational Programs offers multiple undergraduate internships over the course of the summer. These on-site programs create unique, impactful experiences in which students discover firsthand what it is like to work on professional scientific research at a national laboratory. There are also plenty of other exciting things to do at Argonne, like scientific talks, professional development seminars, social events, and opportunities to explore Chicago. Students leave the Lab with new insights and paths forward in the STEM journeys. Together, Argonne’s undergraduate internships establish the foundation for continued STEM growth in the nation’s next generation of professional leaders. Here are the internships now open for applications:

SULI (Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship) Program- Funded by the Department of Energy (DOE), this 10-week internship gives you the option of either working directly at Argonne or choosing from one of 17 other national laboratories across the country. Wherever they go, the interns will conduct scientific research with the help of professional scientists as well as cutting-edge facilities and technology. Open to undergraduates and community college students.

SRP (Student Research Participation) Program- Interns will be funded by and work within one of Argonne’s many divisions, where they’ll spend 10 weeks assisting the division in advancing research projects that are key to the DOE’s mission and will impact the nation and world. Open to undergraduates and community college students.

CCI (Community College Internship) Program- This 10-week, DOE-funded internship supports community college students by engaging them in technical training experiences that will prepare them for futures in a wide range of technical fields.

PCI (Professional Career Internship) Program- Argonne supports more career options than strictly science fields. With funding available from any of Argonne operation’s areas, the PCI program offers opportunities for Accounting/Finance, Business Management/Marketing, Construction Management, Education, Environmental/Safety/Health, Human Resources, Immigration Law, Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Science Writing majors to gain real-world experience in non-technical fields while also supporting Argonne’s operations and mission.

MSIPP (Minority Serving Institutions Partnership Program) Internship- Funded by DOE Office of EM, the 10-week MSIPP internship invites students from Minority Serving Institutions to take part in groundbreaking scientific and technical challenges. In conducting research projects that further EM’s mission, students will take part in a variety of enrichment activities, including tours, seminars, lectures, and off-site activities. Participants wishing to participate at the undergraduate level must be pursuing a STEM degree and be enrolled full-time as an undergraduate at an accredited MSI school.

Lee Teng Undergraduate Fellowship in Accelerator Science- Established by the Illinois Accelerator Institute in 2008, the Lee Teng Fellowship lets junior-level undergraduates study alongside accelerator science experts at Argonne National Laboratory and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL). They will also attend the summer session of the U.S. Particle Accelerator School (USPAS).  Applicants must be full-time sophomores or juniors (at time of applying) at a U.S. university and show an interest in Physics, Electrical Engineering, Computing and Control Systems, mechanical engineering, and/or Material Science

In addition to Argonne’s summer internship programs, Educational Programs also offers temporary employment and visiting student opportunities, including:

Undergraduate Research Aide- Students receive funding from Argonne divisions and work on technical tasks that further the Lab’s research projects. Treated as employees performing real-world jobs, research aides will gain one-of-a-kind insights into what it is like to work at a national lab.

Undergraduate Cooperative Education Program- Argonne’s Co-Op Program offers practical application of students’ academic courses of study, helping them test the limits of what they’ve learned in school and combining it with real-world work experience at the Lab. You can choose from an Alternating Program, in which you’ll spend one semester at Argonne and one semester at your college or university, or a Parallel Program, in which, concurrent with your full-time college/university enrollment, you’ll work part-time up to 19 hours during the school year, and full-time over the summer. Students are expected to work a minimum of one year as a parallel co-op or three semesters as an alternating co-op.

Undergraduate Visiting Student Program- To advance their thesis research, undergraduate students, with funding from their undergraduate schools, can access and collaborate with Argonne’s high-grade facilities and professional staff.

Please see specific program pages for more detailed information on requirements and application due dates.