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STEM-CON Advances DOE’s AI Mission Science for Youth Audiences

Exploring and building the future of AI research across STEM fields

Argonne showcases the amazing discoveries and potential in the DOE’s ongoing AI research initiative by inviting middle and high school students and families to an immersive mix of computational activities centered around AI development.

As part of Argonne’s ongoing commitment to the Department of Energy’s workforce development initiative, we are bringing exciting AI research to middle and high school students and families with the very first STEM-CON event, hosted at the Gary Comer Youth Center! You’ll have lots of fun discovering the amazing potential in artificial intelligence and seeing the wonderful future you can be a part of. Activities at the STEM-CON will include:

  • Booths Hands-on, tabletop learning experiences straight from DOE laboratories
  • Sci BytesDOE AI and computational scientists explain how AI can impact our everyday lives
  • Workshop Sessions – Engaging computer activities that students can explore in 45-minute sessions to test their computational science skills
  • AI Career Connection Wall – Pictures of professionals in the AI field, complete with fun factoids about their work and achievements

AI science forms a critical element in future STEM fields, and Argonne’s STEM-CON lets middle and high school students and families learn how they can make a difference in the fascinating world of artificial intelligence research.

DOE STEM-CON: Artificial Intelligence - Compute the Future

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