Argonne National Laboratory

NGSS Nanoscience Seminar Series
"At the nanoscale there is no difference between chemistry and physics, engineering, mathematics, biology or any subset thereof." - Mauro Ferrari, Professor

You are invited to attend three seminars that explore concepts and issues in nanoscience and nanotechnology. This seminar series is recommended for high school teachers.

What is nanoscience?

Nanoscience involves the discovery of new behaviors and new properties of materials that occur at one or more nanoscale dimensions (1 - 100 nanometers). Nanoscience is a true interdisciplinary science and leverages knowledge and approaches from across all the scientific domains. See how scientific inquiry at the atomic and molecular levels have opened a world of new opportunities and future careers!

Why is nanoscience important? 

Many of society's grand challenges are driving the need for exploring and developing new materials. By understanding interactions happening at the nanoscale level, scientists and engineers can manipulate and enhance the physcial and chemical properties of materials and/or create new materials. This emerging field creates new materials with new capabilities that can solve some challenges and drive invention for future technologies. 

Seminar Series

Scale, Proportion, and Quantity, Oh My - Tunneling down to the Nanoscale

January 15, 2018  9:00 am - 3:00 pm

In this first of a three-part series, you will explore how understanding scale, quantity, and proportion can deepen your knowledge of the emerging field of nanoscience. Throughout the day, you will participate in scientific talks from scientists from Argonne's world renown Center for Nanoscale Materials, tour unique scientific facilities and share your thinking on how nanoscience topics can connect into your classroom. 

Investigating Structure & Function at the Nanscale Level - Constructing Nano Devices and Materials

February 19, 2018  9:00 am - 3:00 pm

In this second of a three-part series, you will look at a number of examples of how scientists alter the structure of nanoparticles in order to change the function of the material. Thoughout the day, you will participate in scientific talks on nanofabrication and properties of materials from Argonne's world renown Center for Nanoscale Materials, tour unique scientific facilitiaties and connect your learning to classroom instruction. Explore some of the new materials developed by Argonne scientists and understand how discoveries in the laboratory can grow into cottage industries. 

The Influence of Science, Engineering, and Technology on Society and the Natural World - Promising Technologies

March 5, 2018  5:00 pm - 7:30 pm

In this final session of a three-part series, you will explore how nanoscience is impacting our everyday world. In this session, you will be introduced to a number of Argonne sponsored research projects. You will end the session with a participatory discussion on the risks and benefits that come with developing new nanotechnologies and how you can incorporate nanoscience technology into your classroom instruction.

Seminar Components

  • Content Deepening Discussions around Nanoscience
  • Opportunities to Connect with World Renown Nanoscientists
  • Tour of Cutting-Edge Research Facilities
  • NSGG Cross-Cutting Concept Discussions
  • Classroom Application Discussions 
  • Opportunities to Network with other High School Teachers

Workshop Logistics

  • Free to all high school teachers
  • Registration is required
  • Held at Argonne National Laboratory Learning Center
  • PDCH certification units available