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Education and Outreach Programs

Glenbard East High School / Wheaton North High School ESRP 2013

The absorption of common metals in leaf of the common dandelion as a measure of metals in soil


  • Students:
    • Kelly Beardsley (Wheaton North High School)
    • Thomas Beardsley (Wheaton North High School)
    • Jourdan Ewoldt (Glenbard East High School)
    • Wendi Guraziu (Glenbard East High School)
  • Teachers:
    • Karen Beardsley (Glenbard East High School)
  • Mentors:
    • Antonio Lanzirotti (University of Chicago, Center for Advanced Radiation Sources)
    • Matt Newville (University of Chicago, Center for Advanced Radiation Sources)

Advanced Photon Source Sector 13: GSECARS

Metals are known to be absorbed into the tissues of the cattail plant. Synchrotron analysis can determine the amount or quantity of metals present. This technique can also show us the spatial orientation of the metals in the plant tissues of the cattail plant, Typha latifolia. Synchrotron analysis can also be used to determine the types of metals present in plant. It is known that there are many metals that are used in a variety of suburban activities. These metals run off into local watersheds. This analysis will determine the content of metals in the Lincoln Marsh in Wheaton, Illinois, the United States of America.

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