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Glenbrook South High School ESRP 2019

Local Structure Analysis of Chromophore YGa1-xMnxO3


  • Students:
    • Phillip Augustynowicz
    • Dakota Betts
    • Daniel Gemigani
    • Michelle Gong
    • Ethan Herbolsheimer
    • Josef Hiller
    • Kevin McGough
    • Lucas Mortenson
    • Hansen Punnoose
    • Michael Romanov
    • Anshul Sukhlecha
    • Philip Tajanko
    • Jakub Wyciszkiewicz
  • Teachers:
    • Jeffrey Rylander
  • Mentors:
    • John Katsoudas (Illinois Institute of Technology, Beamline 10-BM-A,B)
    • Carlo Segre (Illinois Institute of Technology, Beamline 10-BM-A,B)
    • Elena Timofeeva (Illinois Institute of Technology, Beamline 10-BM-A,B)

Advanced Photon Source Sector 10: MR-CAT

This experiment investigates the local environment around Ga3+ and Mn3+ ions in YGa1-xMnxO3 chromophores. We explore the structural origins of this chromophore’s visible purple hue variations that can be formed over a range of small values of x. Such understanding may lead to applications of this inorganic oxide material being used as a non-toxic pigments suitable for applications in paints and dyes. While x-ray diffraction results provide an average description of the trigonal bipyramidal units about Ga/Mn atoms with five oxygens surrounding the cation, the x-ray absorption near the edge structure of these materials may allow us to investigate the structural causes of these shades of purple.  As such, the processes will be used to study both the large scale and local structure of this chromophore.

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