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Lincoln-Way East High School ESRP 2019

Study of Ferrous Sulfate Oxidation under Extreme Conditions Using X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy


  • Students:
    • Thomas Arndt
    • Kendall Blakenburg
    • Jayna Enguita
    • Nathan Hartman
    • Kira Martin
    • Patrick Rossetto
    • Audrey Zednick
  • Teachers:
    • Benjamin Voliva
  • Mentors:
    • Ibukun Ajifolokun (Argonne National Laboratory, Sector 9-BM)
    • Tianpin Wu (Argonne National Laboratory, Sector 9-BM)

Advanced Photon Source Sector 9: Spectroscopy Group

The purpose of this experiment is to analyze how various factors affect the rate of the oxidation of ferrous sulfate into iron supplements. The experiment will involve exposing samples of iron supplements to oxygen and heat over varying lengths of time. The experiment is expected to reveal the extent to which exposure to heat and oxygen affects the oxidation rate of ferrous sulfate. The experiment will utilize the APS by employing the XANES and EXAFS methods. This x-ray absorption spectroscopy will produce data that shows the oxidation state of the present iron along with the local coordination environment. The results anticipated to show an increase in the amount of Fe3+ present in the samples exposed to heat and oxygen when compared to a control.

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