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Lincoln-Way East High School ESRP 2020

Analyzing the Detoxification of Cr(VI) to Cr(III) and Mn(II) to Mn(III) Through Phytoremediation Using X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy


  • Students:
    • Melissa Bauer
    • Kendall Blankenburg
    • Sarah Cooley
    • Adrian Dauber
    • Husna Hussaini
    • Jillian Ketchen
    • Kira Martin
    • Rishi Patel
    • Patrick Rossetto
    • Katherine Wrobel
  • Teachers:
    • Benjamin Voliva
  • Mentors:
    • George Sterbinsky (Argonne National Laboratory, XSD-SPC)

Advanced Photon Source Sector 9: Spectroscopy Group

Our experiment’s purpose is to identify the reduction of Chromium (VI) and oxidation of Manganese (II) within Helianthus Annuus via phytoremediation. Phytoremediation is a process that plants use to detoxify metals in soil or groundwater by altering their oxidation state. The experiment will involve the maturation of Helianthus Annuus in an environment saturated with Chromium (VI) and Manganese (II), which are delivered by manganese gluconate and potassium dichromate. The experiment will utilize the APS by employing the XANES method to produce data that shows the oxidation states of Chromium and Manganese within various sections of the flowers. The results are anticipated to show the reduction of Chromium (VI) to Chromium (III) and oxidation of Manganese (II) to Manganese (III) within the roots and leaves of the plants when compared to a control.

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