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Education and Outreach Programs

Lockport Township High School ESRP 2018

Calibration of Beamline 17 ID-BM using Bovine Insulin


  • Students:
    • Krzysztof Gasienica-Bednarz
    • Emily Hernandez
    • Eric Keta
    • Nicholas Layman
    • Tess Santoro
    • Karolina Zeglen
  • Teachers:
    • William Kane
    • Karen Murphy
  • Mentors:
    • Erica Duguid (IMCA-CAT, Hauptman Woodward Medical Research Institute, Sector 17)

Advanced Photon Source Sector 17: IMCA-CAT

Beamline 17-ID is operated by IMCA, a collection of pharmaceutical companies, to analyze samples for drug discovery. Since all beamlines are unique, and inasmuch, many who use it spend an unnecessary amount of time shooting their samples due to the unknown calibration settings of the beamline. The student researchers propose to provide other beamline users with statistical data of preset calibration settings that will help them understand the parameters of beamline 17-ID. This will potentially reduce the time that is needed to shoot their samples; therefore, beamline users’ time would be more cost-effective.

The student researchers have chosen to use insulin as their experimental molecule in order to refine the settings needed to find an optimal image resolution of the molecule. The student researchers have chosen insulin because it is easily accessible and potentially has similar characteristics to other samples that are tested on beamline 17-ID. Although other beamline users may not use insulin, the statistical data collected by the student researchers on the beamline may be used as a starting point for the testing of their sample. The students manipulated specific parameters such as exposure time and x-ray beamline attenuation, in order to keep the x-ray dose constant.

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