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Educational Programs and Outreach

Neuqua Valley High School ESRP 2012

Crystallographic Characterization of Carbon Compounds Using X-Ray Diffraction


  • Students:
    • Tuhin Choudhary
    • Armita Manafzadeh
    • Kevin Tae
    • Nandita Venkatesan
    • Kevin Zhao
  • Teachers:
    • Michael Kennedy
    • Patricia Noblett
  • Mentors:
    • Przemyslaw Dera (University of Chicago, GSECARS)

Advanced Photon Source Sector 13: GSECARS

Since its discovery, graphene has become a substance under great attention due to its incredible durability under pressure and ability to transport electrons at near zero resistance. However, many characteristics of graphene are still unknown. X-rays were used to conduct a diffraction study on various compounds of graphene to study their properties and differences in unit cell parameters. The diffraction patterns were compared between commercial graphene and compounds of graphene synthesized from graphite by sonication in different solvents. Although the experiment failed to generate statistically significant results in differences between diffraction patterns, a basis has been created for future research in similar comparisons.

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